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Have you purchased a new home theater of TV for your living room? Are you facing problems mounting it on the wall? If yes, then you need the services of expert TV and home theater installation companies in Mesa AZ. Gone are the days when bulky televisions were seen in every home. These televisions and sound systems were large in size and had substandard designs. They were a sore sight and stood out like a thorn in the living room. Nowadays, we live in the digital world and the advent of technology helped us to reinvent the designs and multiple features of electronics. Same is the case with the TV and home theater systems.

At master mounts, we make sure that TV and Home Theater systems are installed perfectly. We are one of the best TV and home theater insulation companies in Mesa AZ and we have achieved this status by providing high-quality services to thousands of customers.

Choose professional services offered by TV and Home Theater Installation Companies

While some people prefer to install the mount by themselves. The process is simple but if you do not have the requisite tools and expertise to pull off such task, do not even try. Taking professional services ensure that all the projects are completed in an efficient manner.

Professional Workforce

We have trained and experienced professionals that are well versed in installing TV and Home theater systems in residential and commercial buildings. The workforce receives regular training that helps them to learn new concepts used in the mounting industry. We are one of the few home theater installation companies that provide such training to their professionals in Mesa AZ. Most of our professionals are also licensed by the government and we provide written guarantees before starting the work on any project.  

Safety and Privacy

Different tools are required to pull off the mounting project. The utmost priority of all mounting projects is safety. We make sure that all the safety standard are met when starting the work on the appliances. We understand the value of your privacy and we create minimum hindrance in your daily life. This makes us one of the best home theater installation companies in the country.

Modern Tools and Techniques

In recent years, we have seen a lot of advancement in the television and home theater industry. From LED TV and OLED roll-able screens, TV manufacturers are introducing new designs every quarter. Due to the new designs, we also need to employ latest techniques when completing a mounting project. All our technicians are trained in the installation of different types of home theater systems. From soundbars to sub-woofers, we provide effective mounting services which help us top the list of home theater installation companies.

Affordable packages

We provide affordable packages related to TV and home theater installation. Our basic mounting package includes the installation of TV. Other packages include the installation of TV, soundbars and media consoles. Our diverse plans ensure optimum level of satisfaction to the customers. Most home theater installation companies ignore the basic requirements of the company and employing such companies can cause losses in the long term.

Do not indulge in DIY mounting

Some people try to install the mounts by themselves and avoid taking services from professional TV and home theater installation companies. The installation process might turn ugly real quick and in this case, you will end up damaging your mount and wall. Without the help of expert home theater installation companies, you will be stuck with multiple problems such as:

Position of the mounts

When installing the TV and home theater systems on the wall, one must always check the angle and position of the mount. These appliances are installed on the wall to provide value and ease to the viewers. Without professional help from home theater installation companies, you might get stuck with wrong installations and it might be difficult for you to use the TV or home theater.

Forgetting to measure before installation

The most common problem that one might encounter is to measure the space before installing the mounts. Expert home theater installation companies calculated the space before starting the work and this ensures high-quality installations.

Failing to hide wires

The professionals at the TV and home theater installation companies are proficient in installation and maintenance of the mounts and brackets. When you try to install the mount by yourself, you might end up wasting your time and resources. Another problem that you might face is hiding the wires that come alongside TV and home theater systems.

Using the wrong mounts

While some companies provide mounts with the TV and sound-bars, there are many companies that do not dispatch such products. At that time, you need to buy the mount separately from the market. If you are not accustomed to the mounts, there is a strong chance that you might buy the wrong mount. To avoid such issues, you should take help from reliable home theater installation companies.

Not checking the integrity of walls

Not all walls are same. While some walls are designed to withstand the load of the roof, there are some walls in the home that are delicate in nature. When the TV and home theater installation companies visit your home to provide services, they check the thickness and load-bearing strength of the company. This helps them to choose the location where the installation will deem valuable. Improper installation is not only dangerous for your family members but can also result in other losses and damages.

Unlike other home theater installation companies, we make sure that all projects are completed in a timely fashion. Our experienced customer support staff will provide essential tips for the longevity of the TV and home theater mounts. We understand the value of your money and due to this reason, we offer affordable packages to the customers. Our company has been the frontrunner among home theater installation companies. Call us today or get a detailed quote for our services using    

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