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Since 2000, Owner Josh Clarke has been working in the industry to protect your homes, offices, warehouses and other buildings. From a simple security alarm system to a complex one, you will find us up to date and reliable. Our technicians have the knowledge of latest technology that makes the security systems more efficient and trustworthy.

Whether it is your residential building or commercial, we have all kinds of security solutions that cover all your needs. We assure that you will feel secure around our alarm system for the building. Therefore, when you think about a safe living place for your family or wants to protect your office, San Tan Systems should be your only choice. We have reasons to be your top choice for access control installation and security alarm system in San Tan Valley AZ. We have a team of highly qualified technicians that are licensed by Arizona BTR Alarm Agent. 

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How Our Security Alarm System for Building Works

Our security alarm system functions differently when installed inside and outside the building. The simplest security alarm system when installed externally works on broken circuit concept. They are usually installed in the doorways or windows where there is a nice flow of electric current. Its mechanism is simple as when the current is flowing through the circuit your doors closed. The alarm sets off when the circuit is broken. You will be alerted that somebody has entered into your building without your permission. Whereas in an open circuit, it keeps the flow of electric current smooth and sets off the alarm. However, choosing a closed circuit is better than open circuit alarm system as the burglars can cut off the wires to enter your house.

The Interior security alarm system works on different types of motion detectors. These motion detectors are common at workplaces, shopping malls, and grocery stores. They open automatically based on radar motion detector system. The little box above your head on the door entrance sends microwave rays that detect the person standing in front of the door and reflects back to give the signal and the door opens. This system has a set pattern to detect and when the pattern is disturbed it sets on the security alarms. They are useful as they will not allow unfamiliar persons to enter the house unnoticed.

Security alarm systems are easy to install, even you can do it. However, when you hire the professionals from a reputable company like us, you get the utmost satisfaction for your home security. Our security alarm systems are designed to ensure that you have made the right choice for your house.

Additional Features of Our Security Alarm System

The general concept of security alarm system for a building is to protect your building from burglars, but it can serve you in many other ways as well. The danger is not only outside your house but inside. When it comes to your security, we make sure that your office, home or buildings fully secured. There are other dangers like fire in your building that can be very dangerous. Our smoke detection system prevents your house from fire. This system has sensors for smoke detection and turns on the alarm system in the building.

Another amazing feature of our security alarm system is glass detection. People usually have them in their homes and office buildings which has many glass windows. These systems are designed to identify the glass breakage and turns on the alarm system to alert you. One major advantage you can avail from glass break detector is to restrict the buglers out of your house. Usually, they try to break into the house through windows or glass doors. Therefore, we can help you to reduce the problem with the glass break detector in your building.

Panic buttons are also helpful as they let you tell others that you are in trouble. These buttons can work silently as well as can more loud noise to alert others. When you press the button, the signals are sent to the monitoring team and they can come to rescue you.

We Offer More than Safety

We understand how conscious you are about your home, office and other buildings. Obviously, it has your valuables in it. Above all, your life is precious than anything. People might think that security alarm installation is an expensive solution. This might be true but we offer different packages so that you can have a safe life within your budget. Visit our website to see our packages for Home Automation System, Honeywell Color Touch Screen Cellular Monitored Alarm Security System and more. Our packages are flexible and depend on your budget and choice.

Along with security alarm systems, we also provide access control installation for offices, homes, and warehouses. This gives you the assurance that only authorized person can have the access inside the building whether you are there or not. Access control installation gives you multiple options such as access cards, biometrics, and digital codes. However, biometric systems are more effective as there are zero chances of duplication. This system works best when installed via reliable dealers so that you do not need to call them repeatedly for repairs.

We know you that uninvited guests are not a pleasant surprise for anyone. Our professionals provide you door coring at reasonable rates.  Therefore, take precautionary measures before anyone takes advantage of your negligence. Do not risk your safety by hiring unreliable company for security alarm system in San Tan Valley AZ.

We hire friendly professionals in the customer care department and this helps us to cater the security needs of the customers easily. The customer support staff is accustomed to different security systems and this helps them to provide reliable information to the customers. We also provide emergency services to the clients who are looking for reliable security alarm services. Our services become more important when you have faced a break-in so contact us for to live your life without stress. You can reach out to us for quotes and inquiries via

For details, Please feel free to call us at 602-733-8644

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