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3rd Home Inspections Offers Professional Home Inspector for Thorough Home inspection

Are you planning to purchase a new home or property? We can help you secure your big investment with our certified home inspection services in Baytown TX!

Buying a home is a process that can be so stressful. Home inspection services are designed to offer you peace of mind because it offers a complete picture of the property that you are planning to purchase. On the other hand, it also offers the seller an opportunity to highlight the minor and major defects. Home inspection services showcase the upsides of the property and help to identify the actual worth of the property and you can make necessary changes to improve the value of the house. Home inspection services also help the seller to price the property right for a quick sale.

I offer you top-of-the-line home inspection services in Baytown TX as well as in many other areas of the state. Starting the real estate career as an investor in 2001, I began working as a builder later on in 2004. Today, I have proudly served more than 300 homeowners with professional services. Today, I am proudly serving my clients as the best home inspector in Baytown TX. If you are looking for the best home inspection services in town, then you are at the right place.

Reliable Services Offered

Whether you are buying, selling, or even if you are renovating your property, you can count on my specialized services. Being a highly experienced and certified home inspector, I assure you to present the actual picture of the property by highlighting its upsides and downsides. I offer home inspection services to the clients based on their specific requirements. Whether you are an experienced buyer, a first-time buyer, or an investor, you can trust my knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Services that you can get from me include:

1.    Experienced Buyer: In this, I will inspect 2+ homes for you. These home inspection services are intended for the experienced buyers who want to get multiple properties inspected by a local home inspector in Baytown TX.  In this service plan, you will receive key highlights of the property along with key concerns and the local vendor list.

2.    First Time Buyer: These Home inspection services include a diverse service such as orientation, maintenance review, move-in guide, and the local vendor list. The service plan is designed specifically to need the requirements of the first time buyers. If you are planning to buy your first home or property, then you should get benefit from this plan.

3.    Investor/Remodel: This is the third service plan that is designed to carry out the newly renovated or initial evaluation. If you are an investor or if you have hired a remodeling firm to remodel your property, then investor home inspection services are the best option for you. In this plan, you will receive a detailed punch list, key concerns, hourly assessment rate based on your need, and quality control.

You can see my services page on the website for more details on home inspection services. Whatever service you select, I assure you top-of-the-line home inspection services to showcase the real picture of a property that you want to buy or sell. I always try to uphold the best sense of service, integrity and the analytical thinking.

Experienced Residential and Commercial Inspections

My services are available to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you are looking for a residential home inspector to inspect a home or you need the assistance of a commercial building inspector for inspecting a commercial setup, you can rely on the office and home inspection services offered by me. Until now, I have proudly served hundreds of commercial and residential clients and I am looking forward to building my list of happy clients by serving you with top-of-the-line services.

Some Home inspection services offered by us are

•    Building inspections

•    Foundation inspection

•    Pre drywall inspection

•    Framing inspection

We can also help you with some additional home inspection services on your demand. Those services include mold inspection, radon testing, swimming pool/Spa inspection, private sewer inspection, and basement/crawl space inspections.

Affordable Rates

Are you looking for a low-cost home inspector in Baytown TX? Buying or selling a home or office involves a lot of money. You are not supposed to take a wrong decision just because of the inexperience or lack of knowledge of the property inspector. Your focus needs to be on the reputation of the inspector, rather than finding a low-cost inspector. A low profile home inspector can waste your time and money. Our affordable home inspection services ensure that you get high-quality services without exceeding your budget.

You will be glad to know that our home inspection services are priced really reasonable. You can visit our pricing page on the website to get an idea about our service rates. We are offering different service packages to fit the need of different clients with different budgets. You can also call us for a free service estimate, and then compare it with the other service providers in the city to know how affordable we are.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to offer you concise and clear information for making an informed decision. To attain this target, we use the proper process for evaluating every property. Today, I have proudly managed to bring my company on top of the competitors with consistency in all departments of services we offer. We want to help you make the right decision that can help you secure your big investment, whether you are a first time or an experienced buyer.

We are fully licensed & insured for the residential and commercial inspections. Our job is not only to help you make an informed decision at the time of buying and selling a property, but also to protect you and your family from safety, fire, and health concerns with our top-notch inspection services. You can schedule our services, anytime, during the business hours.

Our phone number is 832 835 1153 that you can dial to schedule our services in Baytown TX. If you have any queries related to our home inspection services, then you can send them in via emails at For more information, please feel free to visit our website.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 832-835-1153

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