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When you are facing the problem of leakage in the residential or commercial piping, you need to take professional help from the pipe lining repair companies. There are many pipe lining repair companies operating in Corpus Christi TX, but Pipe Heal tops them all due to its expert workforce.

The Pipe Heal philosophy is to keep things simple; we do the right job, at the right price, at a time that's right for our customers. We provide a guaranteed, reliable and efficient service together with outstanding customer care provided by polite, friendly and competent technicians. Call Pipe Heal today.

  • 24-hour emergency drainage and grease trap Service
  • Fast response time
  • All drains and pipes are cleared in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Fixed prices and No hidden costs
  • Free estimates
  • Free camera inspection with work.
  • All drainage, grease traps teams are fully trained
  • Fully rigid engineering experience in the Drainage and grease trap Industry.

What is Our Trenchless Re-Lining “CIPP”?

Drain Re-Lining is a brilliant new form of a No-Dig Repair Technology with a cost-effective and no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs. Drain Re-Lining is a state of the art technology of placing new pipes within the damaged pipes and this technology is used by most pipe lining repair companies. The process is completed with minimum disruption and excavation. Your drains are back to the perfect working condition in no time and will remain free-flowing for years to come. We use state of the art techniques to ensure optimum performance of the pipes and this makes us one of the best pipe lining repair companies in Corpus Christi TX.

Drain Re-lining is a specialized form of a sleeve similar to glass reinforced plastic and this process can only be completed with the help of pipe lining repair companies. It is strong and is made of high-quality materials. The sleeve (new pipe) is measured to the length of the damaged pipe or drain run and cut to size. The sleeves are only 3mm in thickness and will create no flow loss. On measurements, the team engineers will mix together special resin containing an activating catalyst to impregnate into the sleeve (new pipe) prior to installation. On installation to the damaged pipework, they will then insert special inversion pipe from air pressure machine or water method machine to create the new pipe to push tightly to the damaged existing pipework and create a new pipe installation. The existing pipeline now has a new pipeline inserted in which is tough, strong and sealed to the wall surface. This will now make a better smooth flow along the pipelines with no obstructions or defects. Please contact us for advice on Drain Re-Liners.

Unlike most pipe lining repair companies, we are certified approved vendor by various city governments in the state of Texas “Health and human services department”.

With the help of high-end services, Pipe Heal can help you to repair and replace the pipes of your business. We employ the latest technology that ensures quality work in a swift fashion. This makes us one of the best pipe lining repair companies in Corpus Christi TX. We employ industry professionals from different parts of the country to make sure that you receive high-quality services.


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