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Our professional technicians will offer you the accurate services for manhole repair. We perform complete manholes’ repair instead of replacing them. Pipe Heal has the capability to find the manholes even if they are hidden. We use modern technology to rehabilitate the existing manholes in an effective manner. We are full-time servicing company to meet your requirements for municipal and industrial sewer line services. Our experts have the experience to deal with residential as well as commercial city-state services.

Asking the Right Questions

There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting the proper rehabilitation method and material for a particular manhole. The following questions must be answered before a final decision can be reached.

What is the substrate condition? (It is the tensile strength? Is it a bond inhibiting material?)

What are the owner requirements (noise, vibration, dust)?

What are the material requirements (adhesion, abrasion, chemical resistance)?

What are the application conditions (dust, water, small spaces)?

Cementitious Coatings/Grouts

These coatings are a good option for manholes with varying degrees of concrete deterioration (0.5-inch to 2-inches). Cementitious coatings are appropriate for rehabilitation projects where bypass pumping or flow control is limited. These coatings do well with damp surfaces and the presence of moisture in the atmosphere. They typically require minimal surface preparation beyond high pressure and/or detergent cleaning. Additives, such as calcium aluminate can provide pH buffering properties and reduce the rate of concrete degradation in the presence of hydrochloric acid. In addition, some additives, such as fiberglass flakes, help protect against corrosion and increase structural integrity. Cementitious coatings with close to 100% calcium aluminate tend to give the best performance, as the portions of the coating that do not contain calcium aluminate are the weakest links.

Cementitious coatings can be spray applied, pumped and troweled or spin cast. We offer near-to-perfect manhole rehabilitation services all over Houston TX. Our professionals complete the work in the timely fashion and save you money. We understand how difficult it is to run the business and make amends in the location. Our professionals make sure that all projects are completed with minimum hindrance.

Polymer Modified Coatings

Advanced, high-performance polymer coatings technologies, including high solids epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyureas can be spray applied, trowel applied or spin cast. They are a good option for oddly shaped structures and in manholes where the atmosphere can be controlled. A benefit to using 100% solids polymer modified coatings is that they do not require a super-smooth surface for good adhesion. Some polymer modified coatings can be applied up to 250 mils, reducing the concern about pinholes in the coating, due to voids in the concrete, which can occur with thinner film coatings. These coatings can get into nooks and crannies, especially when spray applied. Spray application allows for better coverage, as the gun can be set to account for the different types of angles that may exist in the manhole.

Prep Work

Once the decision has been made regarding the appropriate rehabilitation method, it is time to begin preparing the manhole for application of the selected material. Surface prep is essential so that there is proper adhesion of the coating or liner to the substrate. Surface prep also removes surface contaminants and creates a surface profile suitable for adequate adhesion. In recent years, this requirement has become an even more important part of the rehabilitation process. Newer coatings tend to have less surface tolerance than coatings such as coal-tar and lead-based coating that was used in the past. The newer, more environmentally friendly coatings do not have natural-born adhesion to the substrate. Therefore, now there is more of a dependence on mechanical adhesion versus chemical adhesion, making surface prep all that more essential.

You can face a lot of problems when you apply the wrong adhesive before the manhole rehabilitation project. Natural and chemical adhesives are used in these projects according to the nature of the surface. Our quality services make sure that you do not require any repairs in the near future. We employ friendly customer support staff and this ensures that all your queries are answered in a timely fashion. 


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