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When you are facing the problem of leakage in the residential or commercial piping, you need to take professional help from the pipe lining repair companies. There are many pipe lining repair companies operating in San Antonio TX, but Pipe Heal tops them all due to its expert workforce.

Pipe Heal is exceeding the expectation of its clients.

The Pipe Heal philosophy is to keep things simple; we do the right job, at the right price, at a time that's right for our customers. We provide a guaranteed, reliable and efficient service together with outstanding customer care provided by polite, friendly and competent technicians. Call Pipe Heal today.

  • 24-hour emergency drainage and grease trap Service
  • Fast response time
  • All drains and pipes are cleared in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Fixed prices and No hidden costs
  • Free estimates
  • Free camera inspection with work.
  • All drainage, grease traps teams are fully trained
  • Fully rigid engineering experience in the Drainage and grease trap Industry.

Get Grease Trap Repair Done Effectively

Don't let your company fall foul of grease trap laws

Are you a restaurant owner with a broken grease trap? No need to replace your damaged grease trap as we are one of the best pipe lining repair companies and can help you to repair the damages in a timely fashion. Our high-end services ensure that you face minimum downtime.

Most pipe lining repair companies ask the clients to shut down operations when they are working. Now you can have professional grease trap repair without shutting down your business from loud jack-hammering and digging.

Pipe Heal Grease trap repairing and rehabilitation system minimize blockages caused by fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and these services make us one of the most reliable pipe lining repair companies in San Antonio TX.

Our method will pass any inspection and save your business money and time! Using high-grade fiberglass epoxy and industrial epoxy, our patented process will form a “box within a box”, eliminating the cost to replace with a new one. Beware of amateur pipe lining repair companies and take professional services from us.

Our fiber epoxy coating is the perfect solution. Whether your grease trap is indoor, outdoor or underground positioning, this range can meet demand and safely remove solid waste products from water before it reaches drainage systems.

Its increased strength and the airtight seal to contain any unwanted odors.

Pipe Heal are specialists when it comes to the supply, installation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of grease traps within your kitchen or restaurant.

We are certified approved vendor by various cities in the state of Texas “Health and human services department”.

Be kind to the environment and protect your business with this solution of our fiber epoxy coated grease trap technology.

What is Our Trenchless Re-Lining “CIPP”?

Drain Re-Lining is a brilliant new form of a No-Dig Repair Technology with a cost-effective and no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs. Drain Re-Lining is a state of the art technology of placing new pipes within the damaged pipes. The process is completed with minimum disruption and excavation. Your drains are back to the perfect working condition in no time and will remain free-flowing for years to come. We use state of the art techniques to ensure optimum performance of the pipes and this makes us one of the best pipe lining repair companies in San Antonio TX.

Drain Re-lining is a specialized form of a sleeve similar to glass reinforced plastic and this process can only be completed with the help of pipe lining repair companies. It is strong and is made of high-quality materials. The sleeve (new pipe) is measured to the length of the damaged pipe or drain run and cut to size. The sleeves are only 3mm in thickness and will create no flow loss. On measurements, the team engineers will mix together special resin containing an activating catalyst to impregnate into the sleeve (new pipe) prior to installation. On installation to the damaged pipework, they will then insert special inversion pipe from air pressure machine or water method machine to create the new pipe to push tightly to the damaged existing pipework and create a new pipe installation. The existing pipeline now has a new pipeline inserted in which is tough, strong and sealed to the wall surface. This will now make a better smooth flow along the pipelines with no obstructions or defects. Please contact us for advice on Drain Re-Liners.

We are certified approved vendor by various cities in the state of Texas “Health and human services department”.

How much does this cost?

We offer competitive prices to the valued customers so that you can have high-quality services without putting a dent in your budget. Each lining project has different requirement and the final price depends upon a number of factors. Our affordable packages prove to be a cost-effective solution for your business.

Benefits of taking services from best pipe lining repair companies are listed below:

  • Safe for drinkable water and environment (NSF 14 & 61 Approved)
  • Cost effective excavation of different surfaces
  • No hindrance to the business and less downtime
  • Suitable for diameter ranges 3” to 50”
  • Continuous section is laid so there are no potential weak spots at joins
  • For renovation, different types of pipe materials are considered
  • Diverse options in the lining systems
  • Runs of  up to 2000 feet relined in one continuous length
  • Increase flow rates due to new lining and fewer joints
  • Helps in preventing tree root infestation
  • Lifetime warranty included dependent upon type of lining
  • Seals all open joints and cracks preventing leaks

The drain relining method is used by most pipe lining repair companies. A flexible liner impregnated with resin is pushed through the drain, whilst an airbag is also pushed through to mold the resin to the pipe. The liner is heated, and once cooled will mold exactly to the sides of the original pipe. Once the airbag is removed, it leaves behind a smooth new pipe inside the original.

Pipe Heal have recently introduced an environmentally friendly re-lining system for working on sensitive projects and in the majority of situations would use material which is coherent to international high standards.

The drain relining process

Drain relining takes place following an initial CCTV camera survey that will have revealed a damaged area. Pipe Heal provide a full CCTV camera survey service for a number of scenarios:

  • A problem with the drainage might be obvious or suspected
  • As part of the routine with an ongoing commercial maintenance contract
  • To provide a survey to show the condition of the drainage system of a building or complex for potential new rental or purchase customers.

Once a problem has been identified the damage can be repaired by patching or relining the damaged areas. Drain relining provides a completely new lining within the drain without the need for costly excavation. So, stop looking for pipe lining repair companies for relining in your area as Pipe Heal provides two types of relining – hot cure and ambient cure depending on the situation.

1. The drain relining process begins with the pipework being high-pressure water jetted to clean out any debris, silt, tree roots etc. The camera is sent through again to mark the exact locations of any pipes that adjoin the main pipe that will need lateral cutting once the liner has been placed and cured.

2. Following the jetting and camera work, the liner is measured to the correct length and marked with any relevant access points. Different types of the liner are used for different jobs and some are much more flexible and able to maneuver around bends with ease. The liner consists of an inner felt layer with a reinforced plastic outer coating.

3. A resin is poured into the liner and forced through the entire length via a mangled system. The impregnated liner is then inserted into and through the damaged pipe. Once the liner is in place it is inflated via the airbag to take on the shape of the existing pipe. The liner is then left to cure.

4. Curing time varies according to temperature but ambient curing normally takes approx. 1 hour to harden.

5. The airbag is then deflated and pulled back through the pipe, leaving a completely new pipe in place.

5. The camera is run through again to check that there are no problems and the marked areas are laterally cut remotely – operated by Pipe Heal’s state-of-the-art CCTV. A copy of the video can be supplied if required.

We are one of the best pipe lining repair companies in San Antonio TX. We have been providing high-end services for many years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We complete all the projects effectively in a timely fashion. Whether commercial or residential, we give the same importance to all the pipe coating and lining projects. Give us a call today or book an appointment with us via

For details, Please feel free to call us at 833-454-6464

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