No need to replace your damaged grease trap we rebuilt it as a new.
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Get Grease trap repair done effectively

Don't let your company fall foul of grease trap laws.

Are you a restaurant owner with a broken grease trap? No need to replace your damaged grease trap as we are grease trap repair experts and can help you to repair the damages in a timely fashion. Our high-end services ensure that you face minimum downtime.

Most grease trap replacement companies ask the clients to shut down operations when they are working. Now you can have professional grease trap repair without shutting down your business from loud jack-hammering and digging.

Pipe Heal Grease trap repairing and rehabilitation system minimize blockages caused by fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Such reliable services make us the only grease trap repair experts in Texas.

Our method will pass any inspection and save your business money and time! Using high-grade fiberglass epoxy and industrial epoxy, our patented process will form a “box within a box”, eliminating the cost to replace with a new one. Beware of amateur grease trap replacement companies and take professional services from us.

Our fiber epoxy coating is the perfect solution. Whether your grease trap is indoor, outdoor or underground positioning, this range can meet demand and safely remove solid waste products from water before it reaches drainage systems.

Its increased strength and an airtight seal to contain any unwanted odors.

Pipe Heal are specialists when it comes to the supply, installation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of grease traps within your kitchen or restaurant.

We are certified approved vendor by various cities in the state of Texas “Health and human services department”.

Be kind to the environment and protect your business with our fiber epoxy coated grease trap technology.

Choosing effective grease trap repair companies for businesses

We take pride in being the only grease trap repair experts all over Texas. While other companies provide guarantees and assurances related to their work, we provide a detailed quote that depicts our professionalism and work-ethics.

Lifetime warranty

Our lifetime warranty means that you will not need to hire grease trap repair companies in the future. The services provided by us are flawless and helps you to save thousands in the future.

Diverse Services

We provide diverse services in different parts of the country and this makes us the best grease trap repair company in Corpus Christi TX. After each project, we make sure that all seals are intact and the pipes are safe from corrosion.  

Minimum hindrance

With the help of latest technology, we complete all the tasks with minimum hindrance. This ensures that your business can stay open and you do not have to face any downtime.

We are the only grease trap repair experts operating in Corpus Christi TX. We have been providing high-end services for many years and have thousands of satisfied customers. We complete all the projects effectively in a timely fashion. Whether commercial or residential, we give the same importance to all the pipe coating and lining projects. Give us a call today or book an appointment with us via

For details, Please feel free to call us at 833-454-6464

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