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Expert Foundation and Construction Repair Services

Do you have a house that needs revamping? Are you in need of expert foundation repair services? Selvin Rosa foundation repair provides reliable and cost-saving services in Dallas TX. We have more than fifteen years of experience under our belt and have completed hundreds of remodeling and foundation repair projects all over the city.

Our reliable services and expert workforce make us one of the best foundation repair companies in the town. A house is as strong as its foundation and we incorporate latest techniques to conventional methods to repair the foundations of the house. Due to extreme weather and other natural occurrences, the foundation of your house will become rusty and damaged. Proper maintenance and timely foundation repair can help you to increase the life of your house.

There are some foundation repair companies that only offer foundation wall stabilization services and this can be a problem when you need additional services to strengthen your home. Apart from the dedicated foundation repair services, we also provide brick repair, fencing, and plumbing services. So, give us a call and we will provide seamless construction, plumbing, and foundation repair services.

Choose the Best for Your Next House Remodeling and Foundation repair Projects

Selvin Rosa foundation repair has been in repair and construction business for fifteen years and our reliable services have made us one of the best foundation repair companies in Dallas TX. We have trained professionals that are versed in the art of foundation repair and remodeling services. All the professionals go through hard training exercises that increase their exposure to the industry and also train them in latest foundation repair techniques.

We are a licensed foundation repair company and provide insurance services for various commercial and residential projects. We plan and execute all the projects with the help of our trained architects. They help us to complete all the projects in a timely fashion.

Foundation repair is a tricky affair and without necessary tools and safety parameters, your house can crumble. Safety of your family is our number one priority. We complete all the projects by keeping safety and industry standards in mind. We have trained professionals in customer support department as well that are well versed in the foundation repair and other construction services. They will help you to connect with the qualified engineers and architects and plan the next foundation repair with ease.

We offer diverse foundation repair services including but not limited to crawl space repair, mud jacking, street creeps repair, foundation wall stabilization, and foundation wall strengthening.

We Offer Diverse Commercial and Residential Services

Our skilled labor is capable of handling small and large-scale foundation and plumbing projects. Residential foundation repair may seem easy but when you have a large commercial repair project in hand, you need to make sure that you take professional services from Selvin Rosa Foundation repair. We provide diverse services including but not limited to


Most states require residents to cover their house with proper fencing and other materials. We provide effortless fencing solutions in Dallas TX and its surrounding areas. Apart from wood fencing, we also deal in other fencing materials such as vinyl fencing and chain link fencing. Fencing increases the curb value of the home and it is also important for the safety of your home and family members.

Concrete Repair

Concrete is one of the strongest building material in the world but without proper maintenance, concrete blocks may lose their durability and affect the overall building structure. We provide concrete repair and foundation repair services that will increase the life of your office and home. Foundation walls need to cater the load of the house and with our reliable foundation repair services ensure that the concrete and other building materials in the house are safe.

Brick Repair

Our skilled labor is well versed in different conventional and modern brick repair techniques. Bricks are the building block of a building and we make sure that the load is equally distributed on to the bricks as this ensures that durability of the structure.


Leak pipes can cause seeping the building structures and this can decrease the durability of the building. With our dedicated plumbing solutions, we can help you to locate the problem and repair the plumbing system of the building. The leaks in the plumbing system can affect the foundation repair process. Our professionals are trained in the plumbing services as well and this ensures the safe transition of the foundation repair process.

Power Washing

Power washing can help you to get rid of stains from your sidewalks, walls and front elevation of the building. We link expert professionals with modern tools to ensure high-quality work on each project. During foundation repair, our power washing tools can help you to clean the basement walls.

Concrete Patios

We are reliable masons that are well versed in the installation and repair of concrete patios. Concrete patios can be made in different sizes and designs. We also provide services related to concrete patio maintenance. Our power washing tools can help you to increase the beauty of your patio. Most concrete patois are made up of bulky concrete blocks and it may be difficult for some to move the blocks. With our building tools, we make sure that all the concrete patio and foundation repair projects are completed in a timely fashion.


When you are planning the remodeling process, you need to make sure that you take necessary precautions to safeguard your belongings. With our dedicated taping services, we help you to preserve the furniture, walls, and doors of the house. During a foundation repair, we use necessary tools and safety parameters are also taken into account.

Our affordable foundation repair plans will help you to cater your residential and commercial needs without putting a burden on your pockets. Foundation repair projects need proper planning and execution and we can help you in this regard providing high-end services with modest rates. Give us a call or book your repair consultation by contacting us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 214-966-2670

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