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With the dedicated and experienced team, we provide high-quality glass repair services in Fairfax, VA and other parts of the country. An automobile is one of the most important parts of our daily lives. The optimum performance of the car is very important and we will get you back on the road in no time. When you visit us for auto glass repairs and replacement, we will make sure that you get world class services at affordable rates.

Benefits of choosing our reliable auto glass repair and replacement services

We deal with various types of auto glass repair and our warehouse is always stocked with high-quality auto glass parts and accessories. Due to this, we offer same day replacement and repair services to our customers. Most of our qualified professionals are certified and licensed by the local government and are accustomed to repairs related to different automobiles.

OEM parts

We provide OEM parts that ensure prolonged life and less maintenance in the future. We have ties with all the major auto glass manufacturers around the globe and can repair diverse issues in the auto glass. We are one of the largest OEM auto glass supplier in the area and provide products to various repair shops and dealers in the town. 

Honest Assessment

We conduct honest assessments of the car that will help you to get back on the road in a swift fashion. Our experienced professionals are trained in repairing different types of auto glass. Our honest assessment of the problem will help you to save a lot of money as well.

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive repair and replacement rates to the customers in Fairfax, VA. We directly deal with many auto glass manufacturers and this helps us to get the products at discounted rates. We offer the same discounted rate to the customers. We have thousands of satisfied customers from all around the country.

Insurance Billing

Thanks to our ties with all the major insurance companies in the country, we offer direct insurance billing to our clients. We understand that you may need auto glass repair any time and it does not have to be a burden on your pocket when you are insured.

Mobile Services

Do you have a car that needs auto glass repairing but you cannot drive to our location. Do not worry as with our dedicated mobile services, we will reach your destination and repair the damage. If the damage is beyond repair, we will tow your automobile to our location and replace the auto glass at our workshop.

Different types of windshield cracks and its repair techniques

Not all repairs are equal. There are different types of cracks that can be fixed easily while others are too hard to handle and you may need our best auto glass replacement services. Cracks are divided into six different categories and have different repairing standards


Bullseye is the damage that is marked by a separate cone on the outer layer of the glass. This result in the dark circle with the impact point. We have qualified professionals that can handle different types of bullseye damages. The bullseye cracks which are less than an inch in diameter will not obstruct in the driver’s vision and can be easily repaired. However, if your auto glass has large bullseye cracks, you may need an auto glass repair.

Combination Break

Combination breaks are the damage with multiple characteristics. It can be a combination of multiple line cracks or a star within a bullseye. These types of cracks can be repaired if the damage is only to the exterior layer.


A single line crack is very easy to repair. With our dedicated professionals, we can repair your single line cracks that do not extend to more than six inches in a single hour. With our expert auto glass services, you will be back on the road in no time.

Half Moon

Half-moon cracks are also termed as partial bullseye and can be fixed if they are less than an inch in diameter. If the half-moon cracks are more than six inches or your auto glass have suffered multiple cracks, you might need an auto glass replacement.

Star Break

Star break can be characterized as the break in which you see multiple line cracks from the impact zone. The star break can be fixed within two hours if it is less than one inch in diameter of it does not obstruct the vision of the driver.

Surface Pit

Surface pit damage is the damage that the auto glass face on the exterior layer and does not penetrate the plastic layer of the auto glass. The damage can be fixed if it has the diameter of less than 1/8 inch. 

Warning signs of Auto Glass Replacement

There are some kinds of auto glass damages that are beyond repairing and at that moment, you will need an auto glass replacement. Most auto glass cracks can be easily repaired but here are some exceptions that are beyond repairing:

  • The auto glass is beyond repair when the damage penetrates both internal and external layer of the auto glass
  • When you have three or four cracks on the auto glass that are more than 6 inches
  • There are some auto glass damages which can be repaired but some impurities get stuck in the glass and this can create hindrance to the vision. This is the time when should consider our best auto glass replacement.
  • You will need an auto glass repair when there is damage to the plastic layer

Save your time and money with the help of our best auto glass replacement and repair services. Timely repairs will increase the life of the auto glass and also ensure the safety of your family members. When driving, you need focus and concentration and cracked glass can impair the vision of the driver. So, let us provide high-end auto glass repair services. Our expert technicians and qualified support staff are ready to round the clock to provide high-quality services. Drop us a message at and we will get back to you shortly.  

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