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The need to keep themselves safe and secure from the dangers of the outside world is the nature of all human beings. As civilization grew, we developed towns and cities and became less and less cautious about it. But with time, another kind of fear started creeping into our lives. The world is changing rapidly, and it is quite evident that security has never been a bigger issue before than it is today.

The ongoing threat of terrorism and ever so deteriorating law and order situation has made us shrink into a hole again. The changes in both global and national have compelled us to become more cautious of our security.  It has become one of the number one priority on which people are willing to spend huge amounts of money.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, and being cautious sometimes hugely pays off. We fully comprehend the need of the hour and offer a complete range of surveillance and safety equipment at our company. We are licensed by the New York State and fully insured to do business in New York State.

Services We Offer

We install, repair and service all the security equipment whether these are residential or commercial. Below is the list of some of the services we provide:

Let’s have a conversation and elaborate some of the services that we can provide you with our team of the specialized security technicians.

Security Cameras Installation

This is the first and foremost set up required for a surveillance system. We have the latest systems and up to date technology to provide you the best surveillance services in Coney Island, NY. Cameras installation requires technical competence and we are just the guys suitable for this service. Our highly trained professionals are fully qualified to handle sophisticated technologies. We are capable of providing you all kinds of surveillance cameras such as:

We can install all types of security cameras in your building to make it fully secure.

Video surveillance cameras

We provide the best indoor and outdoor video surveillance system.We only deal with the latest technology and top-notch brands. Either it is hardwired or wireless cameras they will show the best result and high quality.

CCTV System Installation

You need to install cameras around you if you want to stay aware of your surroundings. And CCTV cameras are just the answer to that. We have the latest HD cameras which are comprised of the finest and up to date technology. Our crew maintains the exact amount of accuracy required for CCTV installation.

Star Light Cameras Installation

Star light cameras are high technology cameras specially designed for outsides where there are different lightings at different times. You can also hire us to install the starlight cameras for your outdoor needs in Coney Island, NY.

Hidden Cam Installation

For security cam installation, hidden cameras are a great option. Our proficient crew is an expert in hidden cameras installation. From the place of installation for the function of cameras, all will be done in a highly professional way where accuracy is guaranteed. We are also fully trained in upgrading your CCTV cameras to high-efficiency hybrid cameras.

DVR Installation

Our excellent HD DVR system will enable you to record the videos from your installed cameras in highest quality. We provide impeccable HD DVR installation service to provide you maximum clarity in your recorded videos.

Access Control Services

In this era of fake information, finding authenticity can be quite challenging. The access control services, provided by us, are the precise answer for that. This revolutionary system will change the face of internet security forever.

Home Automation Services

Whatever new technology comes on the market, we are the first ones to upgrade ourselves. With our expertise, we will convert your house into a smart home by providing you state of the art home automation installation. Our networking services are so substantial that the complicated task of home automation will look like an effortless task for you to manage. Once we’ve established a network setup for you, your life will become hassle-free for a very long period of time.

Structural Wiring System

We are committed to making your life hassle free, and this innovative method of connecting all your data lines to one central control box is just the answer to that. We will achieve that, by conducting a structured wiring installation.

Wall hidden Safes Setup

Make your valuables, safer and secure by placing them in our strategically hidden wall hidden safes. We can also provide you invisible speakers set up to keep up with whatever is going on in your surroundings and be informed.  

Burglar Alarm System

In today’s world, to install burglar alarm is of paramount importance. This traditional system is when met with our innovative ideas, a foolproof alarm system is created.

Voice Over Internet Protocol Setup

(VOIP) setup is the latest technology, which allows you to replace an analog phone line with a broadband internet connection. We take pride in stating the fact that when it comes to (VOIP) installation, we are incomparable and no one can do it more accurately than us.

Run Network Cables

Running network wires throughout your house can be a tiring job and also if anything goes wrong the whole system collapses. We will take care of\ that while doing your computer network setup.

Computer Repairs

We won’t leave you hanging if your computer needs repair, and our qualified technologists will be prompt and helpful in providing their expert services.

You can get a free quote from us for all the services you need.

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