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Do you have a broken screen Smartphone or a cell phone with a particular hardware issue? We have the expertise, equipment, and technology to fix all brands of phones with perfection!

In this technologically advanced world, our life is just incomplete without a Smartphone. A Smartphone that operates flawlessly has become the necessity of every person, regardless of what age group they belong to. This is a gadget that has brought people much closer to each other through the latest innovations in communications, like live video chats. Today, you can talk to your loved ones with a single tap, even if they are located miles away from you.

When your cell phone shows some signs of abnormal behavior or they just don’t respond, we can help you with our state-of-the-art mobile repair services in Lincolnwood, IL. With our team of highly trained and well-versed cell phone repair technicians, we have been serving people with the most superior quality services. Whatever problem your cell phone is experiencing, we promise you the most reliable fix at the most affordable rates.

Services We Offer

As the world has entered into an era that is fully empowered with technology, the Smartphone companies are bringing new innovations and technologies to their phones. The latest innovations, like face-time and fingerprint security, are just a few of the many latest innovations. But with all such latest innovations, repairing a faulty cell phone to perfection has also become a big challenge for the technicians, but not for us.

We can proudly serve you with a complete range of Smartphone repair services, like:

  • Mobile water damage repair  
  • Cell phone broken screen replacement
  • Phone screen repair
  • Microphone repair and replacement
  • Phone speaker and earpiece repair
  • Charging jack repair and replacement
  • And more…

Apart from repairing cell phones, we also specialize in computer hardware installation, repair, and replacement services. Yes, we also have the highly trained computer and laptop repair technicians in our team who can also help you install different software on your computer.

Cell Phone Repair Service

Repairing a cell phone is a specialized job. To ensure a superior fix, the phone repair technician needs to be a highly qualified and trained professional. Alongside that, the repairman should also need to have all the proper, necessary tools and equipment to ensure a quality repair. We proudly have a team of the most experienced mobile phone repair technicians who specialize in:

  • iPhone repair
  • Samsung phone repair
  • LG mobile phone repair
  • iPad repair
  • And repairing phones of any other brands

Repairing iPhone is one of the toughest jobs as they are totally different in the mechanism when compared to the other phones available in the market. But, our team specializes in iPhone 6 repair, iPhone 7 repair, iPhone 6 plus repair, and iPhone SE repair. Whether you need iPhone water damage repair service or have another issue in your iPhone, we can fix it with quality assurance.

Cell Phone Broken Screen Repair and Replacement

Cell phone screen replacement or repair is a highly sensitive job. Because the screen of a cell phone is the most sensitive part and any mistake can damage the entire screen, so the cell phone screen repair technician needs to be well versed in performing an immaculate mobile phone screen repair or replacement. It is also the most expensive part of the Smartphone, so you can’t afford to lose it just because of the negligence or low quality work of the repair technician.

We also specialize in repairing screens of cell phones. Whether you need to repair the screen of your Samsung phone, or you are looking for iPhone screen replacement in Lincolnwood, IL, you can count on us. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Samsung screen repair (all models)
  • iPhone 7 screen repair
  • iPhone 7 plus screen repair
  • iPhone 7s screen repair 
  • And more…

With our state-of-the-art screen replacement and repair technology, we promise you the finest services that will let you feel as if your cell phone screen was never damaged.

Unlocking Phones

Unlocking phones is another job that we can perform for you. Sometimes, people set new passwords on their phones and they forget the password when they have to bypass the security message after restarting or restoring their phone. A locked phone is just useless for you. This is where we can help you with our phone unlocking services in Lincolnwood, IL. You can hire us for:

We can unlock phones from any brand. You just need to let us deal with your locked phone and you will be pleased to see that we completely unlocked it in a fast manner.

Mobile Battery Replacement

Have you recently noticed that your phone’s battery has started to drain too fast? Maybe, it is the time for the mobile battery replacement. There will most probably be a time when your phone’s battery will need a replacement as people often overcharge their batteries that damage the phone battery. Our phone battery replacement service includes:

Our replacement batteries are top quality, so you can expect the battery timing as per your desires.

Buy New/Used Cell Phones and Accessories

We are also a reputable mobile wholesaler in Lincolnwood, IL that also deals in used cell phones, new cell phones, and mobile accessories, like cell phone cases. We also have the top quality iPhone parts for sale that we offer at the most affordable rates. You can visit our website to go through the complete range of cell phone accessories that we offer.

Computer and Laptops Repairs

We also specialize in computer repair and computer software installation service. Whether you are looking for the most reliable HP computer repair services in the city or you have another brand PC that you need to fix, we are available to serve you with our top-notch service standards.

We can get in touch with us for:

  • Buying computer accessories
  • Computer window installation
  • Computer virus removal
  • Repairing your laptop or computer

So, whether it is your damaged cell phone or a computer that needs a hardware or software service, we are the most reliable source in the city that you can trust.

You can schedule our repair services over a single phone call that you can make by dialing (773) 754-8597. For more information, please get in touch with us via emails at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 773-754-8597

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