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The condition of your garage door decides the security level of your garage where your expensive car rests. And we can keep your garage secure enough with our top notch garage door services in Hollywood, FL!

Garage doors and the sliding doors have become the two necessary components of every modern-day home. Different companies are crafting various style garage doors in different qualities. It is up to you which style, design, and quality garage door you install at your home as per your requirements. But, whatever type of doors you have installed, it is essential to keep them fully fit to ensure a safe garage. This is where professional garage services play an important role.

We are proudly the number one garage door company in Hollywood, FL that has been on a mission to offer unparalleled services to the customers at affordable rates. We have a team of the most professional garage door installation, maintenance, and repair technicians in our team to offer you the remarkable services, whenever you want to install garage door or want to get your old door fixed or replaced. We also proudly offer sliding glass door service in the city.

Services We Offer

As a full-service garage door contractor, we can serve you with a host of garage door services and that too with our specialized professionals. Whatever garage door problem you have, you can get in touch with us to get your problem resolved in the most appropriate manner and at low cost. Yes, all of our services are performed with a satisfaction guarantee and at affordable rates.

Here are the different garage door services that you can hire from us in Hollywood, FL:

Garage Door Installation

Installation of the modern day garage door is so tough because all the latest garage doors have really complicated designs. So, there needs to be a highly qualified overhead door installation expert who can ensure you a perfect new garage door installation. If a garage door is not installed appropriately, it will malfunction too early regardless of the fact what quality door you have purchased for the installation.

From garage door opener installation to installing the new door, we promise you a perfect installation to ensure the longevity of the product, alongside a flawless performance. For years, we have been installing new garage doors and we are well equipped and skilled enough to install any type of garage doors at your home in the most optimal way.

Garage Door Repair`

As discussed earlier, when garage doors are not installed by professionals, then they will become faulty too early. At that time, there needs to be someone professional who can perform a perfect garage door repair to get your faulty garage door back on track. We are proudly the most trusted residential garage door repair company in Hollywood, FL that offers 24 hour garage door repair service in the city. We have proudly served hundreds of customers with our local garage door repair services and all of them are our happy customers.

Our overhead door repair services include:

  • Garage repair
  • Garage door spring repair
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Garage door cable repair
  • Garage door drum repair 
  • Garage door sensor repair

In fact, our emergency garage door repair service can be hired for whatever type of repair service you need, like overhead door spring repair in the city. We promise you that our repairs will last longer than your expectation because our team of repair technicians is equipped with modern day technology and equipment to perform great fixes.

Garage Door Replacement

When people don’t consider timely repairs, then usually the problems turn into the bigger issues. And sometimes, the issues can become severe enough so that even a repair may not remain as a viable option to get the door back to life. At that time, you need to consider garage door replacement service and it will cost you more.

We are a top residential garage door replacement company that offers a complete range of overhead door replacement services, like:

  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Garage door panel replacement
  • Garage door roller replacement
  • Garage door cable replacement
  • Garage door sensor replacement
  • Garage door drum replacement

We always use the best quality replacement parts for any repair or replacement. Like, to replace garage door opener we only use the best quality garage door opener to fix the issue. Likewise, we have an inventory of the top quality replacement parts, like, garage door cables and garage door extension springs, etc.

Sliding Door Repair and Replacement

Apart from garage doors, we also deal with sliding glass door repair and replacement service. Sliding doors are a great option for the areas with less space. They do not open inwards or outwards and slide into each other that conserve a lot of space. But like your garage doors, they may also require a repair service, a day.

Our repair services include:

  • Sliding door wheels repair
  • Sliding door rollers repair
  • Sliding glass door wheels repair
  • Sliding glass door roller repair
  • Sliding glass door lock repair
  • Sliding glass door track repair 

Our sliding door replacement services include:

So, whether you want to repair your sliding door or you want to replace it with a new door, then you can count on our services.

Pocket Door Service

We also offer you the best quality pocket door repair and related services. Pocket doors are like the tradition sliding doors that disappear into the wall, when they are opened completely. Whether you are having some sort of issues with your pocket doors, or you want to install a new pocket door, then you can count on our specialized services. With years of experience in the industry, we are the company that you can count on, when it comes to pocket door services.

Whether you want to fix garage door off track issue, need to replace a faulty garage spring, or want to install a new garage door, we promise that we will exceed your expectations with our unrivaled service standards. We also claim that we are the most affordable company around that takes customer satisfaction as its first priority.

You can call us at (786) 708-9983 to schedule our services in Hollywood, FL. And if you have any questions, then you can send them via emails at, anytime. Visit our website for more information.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 786-708-9983

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