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Beauty offers personal satisfaction and it helps every woman feel confident. We are combining the South Asian beauty secrets with the Western techniques to enhance the women’s natural beauty!

If you are looking beautiful, then all eyes would be on you. It will help you feel confident and you would perform your routine tasks even better because of an overall boosted confidence level. And then, there comes the special events, like weddings, parties, and other such occasions. This is where every single woman would want to look at her best, and it’s a natural phenomenon.

We are proudly serving the women with unrivaled beauty services to help them look beautiful and elegant. Whether it is a party, a business, a wedding, or whatever other event, we can get you perfectly ready to make sure that you shine like a star on the day. We take pride in being the best, when it comes to ensuring the best attire and makeup for all sorts of occasions.

Beauty Enhancement

As a complete beauty service salon, we offer you the top quality beauty enhancement services, like bridal hand henna ($250), bridal makeup ($250), airbrush makeup ($300), bridal hairstyles ($45 and up), party makeup ($70), and more. We can also be hired for the beauty services, like:

  • Bridal trail makeup ($60)
  • Bridal makeup + hair ($345)
  • Saree draping ($25)

If you are looking for these services in the San Francisco, CA, then you can count on our specialized services. We promise you to help you be the look of the day with our beauty enhancement services. You can go through our gallery that is available on our website to have an idea about who we are.

Hair Cut and Styling

Joining a party or a special occasion without a great hairstyle is always a bad idea. Even your overall appearance would go down, regardless of how cute or beautiful you are looking, if your hairstyle doesn’t complement your personality. From a hair cut to styling, we promise you to help you get a style that suits your overall personality and can also match the theme of the specific event that you are going to attend.

Our hair services include:

We also offer services, like Hair updos, highlights hair, dandruff treatment, perm, Ombray, hair fall treatment, hairwash, and more. You can visit our website or just dial our phone number to know whether or not we offer the service that you are looking for. We will definitely be serving our valued customers with that service too.

Skin Care

Do you have blackheads on your skin? Have you started to notice the sign of aging? These are some of the most common skin care problems that every woman faces. We proudly have the best skin care treatments for women of all ages to help them look as beautiful as they want for long. Our services are tested and trusted by hundreds of our customers and you can also be the one to take advantage of it.

Our skincare services include:

  • Facials ($30 and up)
  • Facial massage ($25 and up)
  • Deep cleansing facial ($30)
  • Mini facial ($45)
  • Back bleach($20)
  • Full body bleach($80)
  • Stomach bleach($20)
  • And more…

There is an extensive list of skincare services that we offer. You can take a look at it by visiting our website where we have listed all of our services with their price tag.

Waxing and Threading

The beauty of your skin depends heavily on the quality of waxing services you get. We offer Brazilian wax ($35), eyebrow waxing ($10), full face ($30), bikini line ($10), full body ($80), breast ($15/$20), upper lip ($5), and more.

We also offer top quality threading in San Francisco, CA. We specialize in services, like eyebrow threading ($10), upper lips ($4), forehead ($4), chin/lower lip ($4), full face ($25), neck ($5 and up), and skin tags removal ($25.)

You can also hire us for the manicure and pedicure services, like nail care, acrylic nail art and gel nails, etc. In fact, we are on role to enhance your overall beauty with a complete range of beauty services at the most affordable rates.

Services for Men

Women are always more beauty conscious than men, but how can we forget to help men get their looks up with our services. We also offer beauty services for men, like haircut, hair color, eyebrows, head massage, organic facial, fairness facial, hair wash, and more. If you are a man who wants to get ready for a party or a business event, then come to us. We will help you boost your confidence level with our unrivaled beauty services.

We Only Use Top Quality Products

Most of the products that we use are from the well-renowned Herbal & Ayurvedic brand, Shahnaz beauty care. We always make sure that whatever product we use to rejuvenate your skin or to enhance the beauty. Because we use the best quality products you can always expect to get the best from us without any side effects, etc.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of the certified beauty technicians that is on a mission to offer the unrivaled beauty services to the customers. We also take pride in being the most affordable beauty salon in San Francisco, CA that has years of experience in the industry. So, we offer a combination of quality and affordability and we are not one of those companies that cut quality to cut prices.

You can request an appointment with us right today by dialing our number (650)-422-9182, or by visiting our website. Or, you can also send us your queries via emails at It is always our pleasure to talk to you and to serve you with the utmost level of professionalism and sheer class.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 650-422-9182

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