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Septic Inspection

We provide reliable and dependable septic inspection services in New Braunfels TX and its surrounding areas. We provide visual and full inspection services at affordable rates.

Commercial Inspection

Our property inspectors also specialize in commercial property inspections. We are accustomed to all the property laws and guidelines and provide detailed reports.

Foundation Inspection

We understand the importance of foundation in the house and provide expert foundation inspection services. Contact us when you are looking to find problems in your foundation.

Fidelity Home Inspection

Diverse Services We Offer

We are a full service property inspection company that you can hire for pre purchase or pre listing inspection in New Braunfels, TX. Whether you are looking for a commercial inspector for commercial property inspection or you are searching the web, like a home inspector near me in New Braunfels, we can serve you with a complete range of residential and commercial inspection services.

Our team of the most experienced and highly skilled commercial and home inspector can serve you with below listed services:

Roofing and Attic Inspection

During the inspection of a home or any other commercial building, a residential or commercial property inspector should pay special attention to the current condition of roofing and attic. We proudly offer you the New Braunfels, TX’s most affordable roof inspection and the attic inspection services in the city.  The average cost of installing a new roof is around $12,000, while attics can cost you approximately $7,000.

So, it is worth it to get the assistance of our certified attic inspector and roof inspector to make sure that you are going to avoid that massive inconvenience in the future. It is hard to analyze the actual amount of damage done below the roof decking or in the attics as a common person, so you must take professional assistance from us to save big on your investment.

Exterior and Foundation Inspection

We also offer professional exterior and foundation inspection services. Our exterior real estate inspection services include pool inspection and well inspection that can help you save up to $20,000 in exterior and up to $10,000 through foundation inspection performed by our certified foundation inspector. So, isn’t it a big amount that you can save by only paying a small inspection fee to us? Our expert services will help you identify all the exterior and foundation issues as well as the perks that you must need to know before buying or selling any property.

HVAC and Appliance Inspection

Our certified home inspectorcan also test home appliances as well as the HVAC units of all brands to see if there is any issue with any of such appliances. We perform a unique test on different appliances to see how they are operating. Replacing an appliance can cost you anywhere between $400 to a few thousands, so it is highly advised to get all the appliances tested for performance to save money in the long run.

We will also help you save up to $12 to $15,000 through our specialized HVAC testing services. When an HVAC unit is tested, then 90% chances are that it will reveal some issues. It’s a system that is necessary for every living place and also known as one of the biggest investments in the appliance market. So, you can also hire us for the HVAC inspection before you invest in a particular property.

Electrical and Plumbing Inspection

As we are a full service property inspection company, so how can we forget to inspect electrical and plumbing systems. We know that these two systems are the most valuable systems of every building and needs special attention, while buying a property. An electrical project can cost approximately $5000, while replacing or repairing the plumbing systems can cost around $800. All this money can be saved through our affordable inspection services.

The states and figures that we have mentioned above offer you a clear idea that our clients usually receive approximately $3000 to $5000 in the seller concessions and $500 - $1000 return. So, save big and secure your investment by considering our specialized inspection services right today.

No-Risk Guarantee

We proudly offer you 100% no-risk promise so that you can schedule our services with confidence. We promise you that you will at least save the inspection cost that you pay us. If not, then we will charge you nothing, as simple as that. You can schedule an appointment, anytime, but there will always be only two slots available, each day. You can check our availability online on our website, anytime. Our on-site report delivery service will help you know how big you have saved with our specialized services.

Our Services Are Affordable

We guarantee you that our services are the most affordable services in the market without any hidden costs. So, if you are looking for a local home inspector or commercial inspector for the services, like local home inspector at the most affordable rates, then you are at the right place. We offer free service estimates to help you compare our service rates with others in the market. We have also kept our pricing structure transparent so that our clients can know how we are charging them.

Our Promise                                    

We promise you that we will serve you with the most dependable and affordable property inspection services. It is our mission to help the sellers and buyer know the actual worth of a property and also to help people identify which areas of their properties needs improvement. We also promise you to offer you the cost of fixing everything and help you save thousands through our specialized inspection services. So, schedule our services right now to save big.

You can schedule our services, Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM by dialing our phone number 210-405-4504 or by visiting our website. You can also send us your queries at, if any.

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