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San Diego Garage Doors is a family owned local garage door company has been serving since 1993 with the best residential garage doors in La Mesa CA. We work with a mission to do it right the first time, every time. Since we started door installation and repair, we have provided every client satisfied results. We work with great care and give attention to each detail.
The licensed and insured team at San Diego Garage Doors is trained to do the job right. You can rely on our team as they are committed to finishing their work on time. Our technicians can do all that include new door installation, garage door replacement, spring repairs, and more.

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Residential Garage Doors Installation

We understand the importance of garage doors in your house that is why we offer you exceptional garage door services in San Diego, CA. From choosing to installing the right garage door is essential because it adds beauty to your house exterior. It increases the curb value and the resale value of your house.

Lately, people things that garage doors make your house appearance dull and boring. However, these days garage door comes in every color and various designs. Invest right in your long-term home beauty products installations.

Let us help you to make the right choice for your doors. Our technicians are skilled enough to fix any kind of doors with any design. We are responsible and take care of your product while installing it.

Do not cut corners to save your money. A quality product is usually expensive because it has reliability and stability. However, less expensive garage doors have poor quality with less attractive appearance and need repairing often. The process will only frustrate you.

Therefore, it is better to go for the best option for the first time. Do not confuse yourself, just give us a call and we will be on our way to serve you.

Garage Door Repairs in La Mesa CA

Some people say that garage doors are loud. Yes, this can be true if they are installed wrongly. Therefore, it is better to hire some professional to recuse your door before you do any experiment on it. Non-professional will only make the situation worse.

Do not compromise on your garage door because they serve you as security guards. The faulty doors should be repaired immediately to secure your belongings

Our service will be at your door in no time with all the latest equipments. We care about you and your money that is why we never jump into new installation directly. Our experts make every effort to make your door run smoothly.

Your door may need repairing often, however; that is totally okay. They have reasons for this. The repairing work depends on the use of your door. The more you open or close the door, the more springs wear out and need replacement.

Common Garage Door Problems

There are some common problems, which every garage door has to face several times during its life.

  • Spring and cable breakdown
  • Unbalancing
  • Remote system is not working
  • Door gets off tracked

Garage Door Opener Installation

Make your life easy with garage door opener installation. It has are mote control system that helps you to lift heavy doors. Moreover, they are an expensive addition to your house exterior. To make the right decision, it is better to consult our reliable technicians. We provide you the best solution keeping your budget low.

Spring Repair Services in La Mesa CA

The most delicate part of your doors is springs and cables. If you ask me the exact lifespan of a garage doors spring then I am sorry, no one can answer that. It totally depends on the way you use your doors. The average lifecycle of a garage door is 4 to 6 years. If it is four then it can last for 6.8 years and with six, it stays for 6 cycles.

The springs help to lift up and down the garage doors. A lot of pressure is applied and this pressure breaks the spring. When the springs are broken, your opener will not work. Do not force your doors to work because this will only cause you more troubles.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Do not open the doors with automatic opener, when the springs or cables are broken, as it will make it worse.
  2. Stay away from damage doors because they are dangerous.
  3. The springs must be replaced ASAP to avoid any injury.
  4. Always call a professional service before doing any experiment.

Torsion Spring System

Torsion Spring System has a stationary cone, which secures the spring to the spring bracket. As long as this bracket is stable with the wall, it does not move. The end has a winding cone, which is used to install or adjust the springs. If the brackets are not stable, your whole door will not be stable. You need to ask for help. When the torsion spring is installed, the coils of the springs are wound up to create torque. This torque master system is then applied to the shaft.

With the help of torsion springs, you can operate the garage doors easily when your garage door opener does not work. The garage opener applies pressure on the cables and allows the torsion spring to unwind.

If you ever feel, your door is not working properly, stop right there. We can do the job for you to save you from spending extra money on your garage doors.

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