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Absolute Roofing Service is a family owned and operative business with 30 years of experience in commercial roofing in Marietta GA. We are famous for our quality work, excellent customer service and experienced roofers who can perform any kind of roofing task in your commercial buildings. Our team specializes in flat roofs, metal roofs, and roof repairs.

We take pride in providing customers guaranteed satisfaction. We believe in long-term relationships with customers that is why we provide high-quality products and superior workmanship. Each member of our team is determined to meet your expectations.

Call for your roof repair and replacement and see how beautiful we make your roofs.

Commercial Roofing Services

Do not worry about your commercial roofing when we are around. Many of our industrial clients are enjoying their roofs for years. Our quality products for roofing include:


T.P.O (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a fastest growing membrane made up of polypropylene and ethylene. It is a single layer reflective roofing that is installed in the mechanically attached system of commercial roofing. This material is 100% recyclable.

Since its first installation in 1996, it has gained great popularity and is ruling many of the commercial roofs worldwide.

Benefits of T.P.O

Among many reasons for its popularity, it is also famous for its many benefits such as:

  • Durability, flexibility, and versatility

Ultra T.P.P is highly resistant to any tears and punctures because of its flexibility. It has the characteristic to adjust according to the building movements. It is easily available in three different thicknesses i.e. 045, 0.060, and 0.080. The best thing is that it can be reshaped multiple times, which is useful in roof detailing.

  • Economical and easy to use

The flexible membrane T.P.O is easy to install and need little maintenance throughout the life. They are economical as they cut off the labor cost drastically.

  • Cool roofing material

It plays an important role in reducing the effect of direct sunlight due to its light color resulting in less expenditure for cooling systems.

  • Long-lasting performance

It is capable of long-lasting performance because of welded seam treatment, which is stronger than the membrane.

  • Environmental friendly

The material used in this roofing is safe for your environment and recyclable.

Metal Roofing in Marietta GA

Metal roofing is a lot better than any asphalt shingle roofing as it does not absorb heat. It is capable of reducing the energy bill by 45% in summers and 15% in winters. Before fixing the metal roofs, we clean the roof to get the smooth results. After removing all the rust from the roofs, we apply rust inhibiting premier to keep it rust free for a longer term. Moreover, the washer becomes brittle and needs replacement. In the end, we apply finishing coat that is highly reflective and reduced the UV rays damage.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Among its countless benefits, some are:

  • It expands and contract with seasonal change and adjusts with the building material.
  • It reflects the UV rays.
  • It returns your investment by reducing the bills.
  • It is long lasting with the slow aging process.
  • Reduced the maintenance cost

Aluminum Coating

You can also choose aluminum coasting for your roofs. It gives you smooth modifier roofing. For the perfect result, our roofing staff first cleans your roofs. We also do pressure washing on your roofs if necessary. The result of aluminum coating gives you a shiny roof surface and protects it from damage.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (E.P.D.M) is a durable roofing membrane. The synthetic rubber is successful in low-slope buildings worldwide.

E.P.D.M uses a mixture of two ingredients, ethylene and propylene extracted from oil and natural gas. Both black and white rubber comes in different width, ranging from 7.5 feet to 50 feet with the thickness of 45 and 69 mils.

The quality of the material is tested in the field conditions. E.P.D.M has proved itself as the material with the longest life span. Characteristics, which make it superior to others, are:

  • Cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • Resistance against all the weathers like heavy rains, hailing and storm.
  •  Highly resistable to extreme heat and ultraviolet radiation
  • Thermal Shock Durability

Note: This product is for non-residential roofing systems.

Built Up Roofing

Roofing may look same but in reality, they are not. Every roof is different from each other in texture and functionality. While selecting your roofs, keep your needs in mind to get the perfect material.

Built-Up roofing is one of the most popular materials used for low slow roofs. It has several layers of bitumen surfaces and in last as finishing layer or coating.


  • Waterproof
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Strong resistance

FLIP Imaging in Marietta GA

According to the survey, roofs wear out after only one year of its installment whereas the lifespan for a roof is 7-10 years. It can stay longer if perfectly installed. Infrared imaging stands above all the methods to restore your roofs. It is an easy and non- destructive way to find out the roof leaks.

We also use Tramex Dec Scanner that can detect roof leaks. The combination of these two roofs gives you super results for your roofs.

The infrared method works when the different materials have different thermal masses. The difference between wet and cool insulation is minor but it can identify the roof leaks. This method can save your money and time because it indicates whether your roof needs replacement o repair.

Call the experienced professionals so that you get what you paid for. 

Additional Services

Along with the services mentioned above, we also serve your roofs with additional services such as:

  • Asphalt maintenance
  • Road Striping
  • Elastomeric roof coatings
  • Pothole Repair
  • Road Crack filling

We cover all your commercial areas that include parking lots, warehouses, and industries. For more details, visit our website www.absoluteroofingservices.comand learn more about our products.

Why Us

We have many reasons for you to choose our roofing contractor. Our team is cooperative and understands your needs and concerns for your roofing. We are fast, efficient and get the job done in the fractions of time. You can get estimates for your work on the same day. From tune-up to complete finishing of roofs, our reputation is great.

We strongly resist that all roofs are same. Our technicians and roofers built your roofs that stay longer. Our team has all the latest technologies to meet the requirement. Our commercial roofing company is licensed and insured in all the countries and cities we cover. Our service protects our customers from the liability for damage and injuries during the job.

However, your safety is our priority. We do not hesitate to provide you certificates. We are neat and tidy and make your place neat before leaving. We work on easy terms with friendly and professional attitude. You can expect anything great from us for your commercial roofing.

Call us and get free estimates.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 770-743-7946

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