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Home Renovation Services: Give Your Home an Outstanding Look

Baya Construction Inc. is a professional and one of the most reputed home renovation and improvement services. Widely covering Torrance CA and surrounding cities of the state, we offer the latest designs for kitchen and flooring. You can contact us for painting, installation, and repair services at any time. Additionally, we provide handyman facilities. With more than 20 years of experience, we have now become an established name in the industry.

Moreover, we can speak in French, Arabic, and Spanish also. That is why; we welcome a vast array of customer types. If you want to have a reliable, qualified, and licensed service, do not look beyond Baya Construction Inc.

Let us have a look at our home renovation and repair services in detail:

  • Door repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Interior and exterior painting for commercial and residential buildings
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen cabinet remodeling 
  • Roof repair
  • Window repair in Torrance CA

However, our new installation services for new buildings are also available:

Home Renovation is better than Replacement or New Installation

The replacement or new installation is a costly work both in terms of time and money. A new installation is good for newly constructed buildings only. Owners of existing buildings should think about remodeling instead of replacement. There are so many options and possibilities in remodeling that allow you to save.

Kitchen remodeling is the best option for updating its look. A kitchen renovation is trending nowadays because somehow, people tend to spend more time there than they do in living rooms. We are competent and efficient in this area and offer premium services. We would really love you to give us an opportunity to realize your dream kitchen. It would be a pleasure for us.

A consultation with us helps give us an idea of your needs and choices. After getting the clear picture of your requirements, we will take measurements and start designing. If you are unsure of selecting the colors and designs, we are there to assist you. Whether you need a complete kitchen remodel or a partial one, our services are available. For complete renovation including the floors and cabinets, we do everything from start to finish. After completing our work, you will find a fully functional, new, and stylish kitchen.

During cabinet refurbishing, we remove the old painting, sand it, and then apply a new finish, varnish, or polish. By refinishing only, you can have a totally new look of your kitchen cabinets. This is a cost-effective and time-saving solution as compared to a full renovation or replacement. That is why; we always recommend that our customers opt for a renovation, re-facing of kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are several years old and have an old look, do not delay things and make a smart decision today. Use our cabinet refurbishment facility. Our newest ideas will refresh your cooking place and give you a new feel.

With a wonderful kitchen makeover, you will see why many other customers in the past praise us. Our work is going to transform your dining area also. Besides, it is worth mentioning that a kitchen refurbishment adds value to your home. If you want to rent or sell out your home, a renovation gives you a better potential customer and a great deal. So what are you waiting for? Take the step in the right direction and hire our help to increase the value of your home.

We are not limited to home remodeling only. We take commercial remodeling projects also.

Different Types of Flooring for Making the Place Beautiful

Changing only the flooring of any place or room gives it a new appearance at affordable prices. It does not require a lot of work. A new floor installation updates a place with existing décor. You can choose a matching color, design, and style accordingly. We have:

More options like carpet, concrete, and vinyl are also available. Whatever your choice is, we will get you covered. We offer flooring service for both the home and office. Removing and resetting of the appliances and furniture it is part of the package. Our experienced and skilled flooring contractor is there to assist you in selection. There are many finishes, styles, patterns, colors, and shades to choose. Our products and services make your place more beautiful and elegant.

Commercial and Residential Painting Service

Does your building give a discolored and worn look? Does it need new painting? We offer exterior as well as interior painting for your place. Whether you need home or commercial painting service, talk to us about it now. Our painting contractor and the team are there to help you restore the appearance of your place.

Paint has a certain life. After that, it starts cracking and peeling off, which gives an unappealing look. However, do not worry at all if you are also facing this problem. Baya Construction Inc. is there to refresh the exterior and interior appeal of your home. Our painters and contractors work in close coordination with you. We have oil-based and water-based painting options that meet your specific needs.

The other services we provide include repair, replacement, and new installation of the door, window, and drywall.

Why Choose Us?

Baya Construction Inc. is the service that offers a modern and stylish look to your current residence. We are one of the most creative remodeling contractors in the state. Our wide-ranging home renovation and makeover facilities are available for any size and type of project. Whether you want painting service, kitchen refinishing, bathroom remodeling, or any installation facility, we get the job done. We offer free estimate quotes.

We offer these services in the most professional way but at inexpensive prices. Our professionalism, customer care, and the highest quality products make us stand out from others in town. We are fully equipped to handle any type of commercial and residential remodeling work. Our contractors are fully competent to change the perception of your residence.

Whenever you need any of the preceding services, call us at (323) 916-1646 or email at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 323-916-1646

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  • Kitchen Renovation
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