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Rapid Repair Handyman is one of the best homecare services that provide an all-in-one solution. Operating in Rancho Santa Fe CA and surrounding cities and counties of the state, we are available to assist you. We cover plumbing, electrical work, carpentry service, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, drywall, and paint jobs. Our competent and well-trained team is ready for all these home care services. Major Service areas of Rapid Repair Handyman include:

  • Furniture Assembly
  • Picture & Mirror Hanging
  • Appliance Installation
  • Furniture Repair
  • Caulking
  • Remodeling Services

Whenever you need any of these solutions, just give us a call. Our competent and skilled servicemen are ready to provide you with the best way out of any home problem. Let us give you a more in-depth and detailed overview turn by turn of what we do:

Plumbing Services

The water heater is one of the most common home devices. In winter, you cannot live and spend time with a working water heater. If it develops a fault in winter, you will have either to replace it with a new one or repair.

Garbage disposal is the device, which is necessary for a kitchen and sink. If it is not working, food particles will start to stick in the sink pipe and pipeline. It will create a blockage and as a result, the pipeline will not be able to function normally. Sometimes, sink start getting problematic due to a flaw in the garbage disposal.

Faucet and shower are an integral part of a bathroom. If it is leaking, it will cause waste and accumulation of water on the bathroom floor. A sink is a place where we wash dishes and every other kitchen item. If it gets blocked, we will not be able to wash anything there. Likewise, if the home underground waterline has a blockage or damage, gutter or pipeline will start boiling. If your icemaker line is not working well, you ice maker will start over working or stop working altogether.

Additionally, you may need a new installation in a new building. We have these solutions for the preceding problems:

Electrical Services

Your home electrical system may need a repair or new installation if a device or machine stops working. In summer if your room fan is not working, you will have to call an electrician to repair or replace it. Likewise, if the circuit breaker or a plug has damage, you will have to change it. We offer:

  • Electric plug repair 
  • Electric breaker installation
  • Fan installation
  • Fan repair
  • Appliance installation in Rancho Santa Fe CA

Painting, Washing, and Other Home Jobs

If you need to have exterior or interior painting services, we are there to help you. Try our deck painting today and have a new and improved look of your deck. Do you need a TV mounting? We will install one for your TV lounge.

Our painters and carpenters offer you:

  • Exterior painting service
  • Interior painting service
  • Woodworking
  • Deck repair
  • Fence repair in Rancho Santa Fe CA

Our lighting workers can give you excellent Christmas lights installation as well as lights repair service. Call us and we will give you the most elegant Christmas lighting.

If your deck, fence, hard surface floor, driveway, or patio has got dirty and discolored, we will shine it a new with pressure washing. We use latest power washing machines to wash out all the dirt and grime from your place.

Has your drywall developed and fault or is it aged? We offer drywall repair to fix damaged or broken ones. Alternatively, you can also have a new drywall installation if necessary.

Why Choose Rapid Repair Handyman?

Rapid Repair Handyman is a reliable and all-purpose solution provider for home care services. We know what type of repair, replacement, and installation service a home may need.

Reliability and superior customer services are the reasons for our success. Whether you want a competent electrician or an expert painter, we can provide all you need. All of our services have high-quality workmanship. Simple repairs or carpentry, kitchen, and bathroom renovation fixing a drywall, or power wash service, we can do all. Whatever homecare facility you want for your home, Rapid Repair Handyman is there for facilitating you.

We offer all the wide-ranging service at very competitive and affordable prices. Our rates are no more than our competitors are but our services are much better than theirs are.

Our team is dedicated and committed to excellence. Professionally trained and well-qualified technicians are the part of our team. Our selection criteria are strict that only an expert and professional can pass through. If you want top-notch homecare services, the only name is Rapid Repair Handyman. Our team is efficient and capable of completing the tasks within deadlines. They can fulfill all your expectations. Rather they will love to go beyond their duties to satisfy you. Our foremost priority is to provide you the best possible solutions.

Our HVAC and plumber services are available for you during all the four seasons. We offer pre-season and post-season checkups for home appliances.

Contact us at (760) 388-7654 or email for having an estimate or appointment.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 760-388-7654

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  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing Service
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Service
  • Faucet Installation
  • Sink Replacement
  • Spigots Installation
  • Water Pressure Regulator Installation

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