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A home is the most desirable, comfortable place for every one person in the world and we are here to improve your homes with our quality home improvement services.

Constructing a new home is certainly the most expensive investment in every investor’s life. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have hired the best home contractor to construct your new home. If you hire an unreliable or an unreliable contractor, then it will affect the overall quality of the constructions. Moreover, when it comes to older homes, services like deck repairsiding repair, or drywall installation play a key role to maintain the value and functionality of the home.

We take pride in being one of the best home contractors in Saline MI. For years, we are on a role to help people with unparalleled service standards with our team of the highly specialized, experienced, and skilled construction professionals.

New Home Construction and Improvements

It must be the biggest target of every person to build a home of his dreams. If you are almost ready to start building your house, then we promise you to convert your design idea into the reality with perfection. We have been around and offering new home construction services in Palmer, MA for so long. Therefore, we know how to cater to the needs of different clients. After you share how you envision your home design with us, we will discuss it with our team to make the feasibility report.

We will also show you some eye-catching and viable designs as per your requirement and budget to help you build the best possible design. Apart from the new construction, we also offer a host of home improvement services, such as:

To see the full list of construction services that we offer, you can visit our website, any time. We will keep in touch with you throughout the construction process. This will help us make sure that we are constructing the home that you want. Electrical and plumbing work is an important part of a building construction project and you would be glad to know that we also offer this service.

State-Of-The-Art Flooring Services

You can’t also take the importance of a great floor in your house. Whether it’s a new construction or an old house, the floor of the house needs to be in immaculate condition. We also promise to install new floors and repair your old roofs to perfection with our specialized flooring expertise. You can trust us when it comes to floor installationfloor repair, or custom flooring.

We are proudly the number one flooring contractor in the city that offers a host of quality flooring services that includes, but not limited to the following:

We are famous for providing the best flooring services, whether it is the hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or any other types of flooring services. Thanks to our team of the specialized flooring professionals who have years of experience in installing or repairing all types of floors. We have all types of flooring options available according to your budget.

Specialized Roofing Services

Get benefit from Palmer, MA’s best roof installation and repair services. We are proudly Palmer’s number one residential roofing contractor that can install and repair all types of roofs with quality assurance. We have proudly installed and repaired hundreds of roofs in the city and importantly, all of our clients are happier clients. Whether it’s a minor roof leak repair or a major roofing repair concern, we are equipped with the modern day technology and have the professional expertise to offer the optimal fix.

Remodeling & Renovations

One of the major drawbacks of the vintage houses is that they lack the modern day kitchens and bathrooms. These two rooms add or take away the value of a house. We serve clients with quality home remodeling and renovation services. Our home remodeling and renovation services include:

With our team of the most experienced and highly skilled remodeling and renovation experts, we promise you to perk up the beauty and functionality of your home.

Serving Saline MI Area for Long

Palmer is a Hampden County’s town located in the Massachusetts, United States. According to the census of 2010, the town has a population of 14,868 and covers an area of approximately 22.4 sq. mi (58.1 KM2). This shows that there will be plenty of homes in the town and many new constructions in the process as well.

We are also playing our part in the development of the town by serving the locals with top quality home improvement and new construction services. Therefore, if you need any home improvement service in Palmer or you need to build a new house, then you can hire our specialized services, anytime.

We Are Reasonably Priced

While we offer top-of-the-line services, you will also find our service rates the most competitive and reasonable rates on the market. We claim that no other home improvement and construction company can serve you with unparalleled services at the rates that we have. We also offer free service estimates on the new home construction work to help you get an idea how much affordable we are. You can receive the free work estimate through calls or by visiting our website.

Why Choose Us

You should choose us for the jobs, like roofing, remodeling, renovation, new construction, or wood floor installation, etc. for many reasons. We are a team of the honest and dedicated construction specialists that are always eager to set the new standards in the industry. We charge every client with a reasonable fee for the work needed. With years of success and sheer class in the construction business, we guarantee you the service quality beyond your expectations.

To hire any of our services, like wood flooring in the city, you can dial our number (413) 433-9409 right now. If you have any concerns or queries about our services, then we can answer them through emails at ijconstruction@hotmail.com. For more information, please visit our website at iandjhomeimprovement.com.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 413-433-9409

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