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Need seamless moving services in St. Charles IL?

If you are looking for an affordable and dependable moving company that can help you to move to a new location in a safe manner, then you have landed in the right place.

Murphy Family Movers is a company that has been providing high-end services in St. Charles IL and other parts of the country for past 25 years. We have a team of trained professionals that are ready to serve at moment’s notice. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we won’t stop the work until you are 100% satisfied. We are vowed to provide effortless packing, storage, relocation and loading services.

Whether you are moving in the same city or want to move interstate, our dedicated moving services ensure the safety of your goods. We offer residential and commercial moving services at affordable rates. Our 25 years’ experience helps us to provide services that are second to none.

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Procuring services from a professional company

Instead of planning and executing the moving process on your own, you should take moving services from a professional moving company. We are one of the leading moving service providers in St. Charles IL and has been providing high-end services for more than 2 decades. Our attention to detail and expert services can make your moving process a fun experience.


While moving, you need to handle heavy boxes and large furniture items. A small miscalculation can be fatal as the boxes can fall on your family members. We provide moving services by keeping industry standards in mind.

Professional Workforce

We employ expert workforce from different parts of the country and this makes us one of the best moving companies in St. Charles IL. Our professionals go through multiple training sessions and this helps them to complete the projects with professionalism. Our expert professionals are the main reason behind our success and have helped us to complete thousands of projects successfully.

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Buying packing supplies from the internet and hiring moving trucks can be a tiring process and to tackle this, we provide time and cost-effective moving services in St. Charles IL and other parts of the country. We provide a detailed quote that depicts all the cost and timesheet regarding the moving process. This helps you to save time that you can spend on other leisure activities. You should contact us as soon as you start planning your move as it will give us time to plan and execute your move in a fruitful fashion.

Helping you move in an efficient manner 

From commercial to residential moving services, our affordable plans can help you to effectively transport your goods.  

Commercial moving service

Office relocations are far more complicated than the residential moving. In an office, you have diverse goods such as workstations, electronic and physical data that is sensitive to nature. With our expert packing and professional moving trucks, we can help you to move your business anywhere in the country.

Residential moving service

A home is where we store all our belongings. Moving heavy boxes and loading the goods on the truck can be taxing to your health and this is where our professional moving services come in handy. Residential moving services offered by us are affordable and reliable and is a good alternative to packing the goods and arranging the moving trucks. All your goods will be packed and transported in a safe fashion and will help you to easily transition to the new place. No matter the reason behind the moving, all you need to do is to procure our reliable moving services and let our professionals worry about moving issues. 

Interstate Moving

When you are planning to move to a new state, you need to cater multiple things like additional stops, interstate charges, and storage. We provide reliable interstate moving services to more than 48 states. Our professional team is well versed in moving goods easily and are accustomed to modern moving techniques that save both time and money in the long run. Our tailored plans help us to provide diverse services to the clients. So, whatever your needs are, simply give a call and we will provide a detailed quote that is aligned with your time and budget requirements.  

Residential and Commercial Storage Services at Affordable rates

When you want to transport goods from one state to another, you might need the help of a dedicated storage facility. You will stumble upon numerous self-storage facilities in St. Charles IL that seem dependable but we can help you to store goods in an efficient manner. We are linked to multiple storage and transportation companies and no matter your storage needs, we will provide solutions that are dependable and affordable. We offer storage services that have the following benefits:

Low pricing storage and moving services

Secure facilities ensuring safety of goods

Providing detailed inventory sheet

Why you need professional packing service?

Apart from the expert storage and moving services, we are second to none when it comes to packing. We have dedicated professionals that are expert in packing different goods and this makes your relocation very easy. If you try to pack the goods by yourself, you will have to face multiple issues related to packing goods, improper boxing and substandard packing supplies. To tackle all these issues, you need to take professional packing and moving services from us. Our professional packers will reach your destination before the move day to make sure that there is no hindrance on the actual move time.

At Murphy family movers, we value the importance of your time and money and due to this, we offer reliable services at low rates. We use modern tools and mix them with conventional techniques to complete moving tasks with ease. This is a family-owned business in St. Charles, IL and we always strive to provide high-quality services in the allocated time. Feel Free to contact us anytime, if you have queries regarding our moving services. You can also book an appointment by contacting us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 847-778-7287

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