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Pressure Washing and Painting Services for Home & Office

Paragon PWP is professional pressure washing and painting services for both residential and commercial settings. Widely serving in New London CT and surrounding cities, we offer washing and clean-up solutions. You can contact us for the house, deck, sidewalk, concrete surface, patio, and paver’s washing. Our company gives you vast solutions for cleaning up and painting your place with its professional and skilled services.

Equally good in both power washing and painting, we give your home a very new look for the interior and exterior. If you are worried about the cleaning of patio, pavers, deck, and fence, give us a call and we will get the job done. Our qualified home painting contractor is available to advise and serve you.

Pressure Washing and Painting Services: New Look in Low Prices

Every home or office owner wants to have a fresh and new-like appearance of his or her place. Power washing and painting is a great solution instead of having new construction or installations. Our washing services will make your fence, deck, patio, pavers, and concrete surface a new look. Our concrete cleaning service will blast away long-lasting dust and dirt, oil, grease, and grime. It will increase the beauty of concrete floor as well as life.

Homeowners should get concrete washing almost once a year. Once we complete the task, the difference between before and after our washing service is very noticeable. The discolored floor will give a clean and shiny look after we wash it with a professional pressure washer.   

We choose different ways to clean concrete depending on the surface type. Countertops, driveway, exterior slabs, pavers, patio etc. need multiple methods accordingly. We use simple bleach, concrete cleaner and mop to clean outdoor concrete surface. It is an effective way to clean up long-lasting stains.

Paver cleaning becomes necessary after every few months. With the passage of time, concrete pavers develop mold, mildew, moss, and grease. We use pressure machines to clean up the long-running dirt and stains from hard surface pavers. Clean vinyl siding and decks give your home a new value.

Likewise, painting becomes necessary for walls and ceilings after a certain time. We offer:

Painting adds value to your place, not only in appearance but also for a resale. It improves resistance to rain, snow, and ice. In addition, nicely painted buildings give a curb appeal. After a certain time, paint starts to crack and peel because of sunshine and rain. If you do not hire a painting service and neglect this necessary home maintenance issue, it becomes costly.

Therefore, hire a painting service as soon as possible when you need it. We offer you oil-based and water-based paint service. You can choose from these two according to the building needs. When we start painting a building, we prepare it by cleaning the surface. With a stiff-bristle brush, we clean up all the dirt, mold, dust, grime, and residue.

If the previous paint layer is in good condition, we can paint directly on it. We clean the surface when the old layer is cracked. We use new caulking around doors, windows, and trims. We use brush or roller according to the surface and needs. After our work is complete, customers are glad to see their buildings. The fresh appearance pleases them.

Why Choose Us?

Paragon PWP is a locally and owner operated home care and maintenance service. Focusing mainly on power wash and paint services, our mission is to renew your homes and commercial buildings. Our team is not very old but equipped with the approach necessary for a professional service provider.

Fully licensed and insured, we are happy to serve residential and commercial customers. We serve as a paint store for our customers. If you need suggestions and advice about what and what not to do, we are there to assist.

Hire our services today for giving your home or place a new appearance and resale value if you want to sale it out. Paragon PWP is your interior and exterior value adding service. We offer our highly professional services to our valued customers at affordable prices. Give your place a new life with our top-rated washing and painting services. You can hire our painting and washing service when you need to sell out your property. The new look will help you find a potential customer.

Contact us today on (860) 514-2156 for a free estimate quote or an appointment.

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