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Fun Comes with Security- Call Your Pool Inspection

Are you ready for the summer pool fun? Has your pool had a pool inspection?

No worries, A+ Pool Leak Detectives can help you make your pools secure and ready for the pool party. We offer a pool inspection and hot tub installation in Cedar Park TX. From pool inspection to pool leak repair, we are experts in everything.

I Bret Bailey the owner of this inspection team, under the training of experienced masters, have learned how to give your pool an excellent service. I have all the latest tools that you need to fix your pool. You may think that the leaks are small but they can cause you serious problems. However, I can make your water pool run smoothly.

Call us for once and you will be calling every time.

Pool Inspection Services

Our inspectors can do all that includes:

Is It worth Hiring a Pool Inspector

Pool Inspector serves you in many ways. Whether you are buying a new house or selling the old one, pool inspector can save you. Not all home inspectors are pool experts. A pool inspector can tell you a lot more than a non-professional can observe. There are many hidden areas, which our pool inspector will examine during the visit.

  • Safety Features

Your pool must have all the safety features and meet the requirements of your local area. Your pool must have safeguards such as alarms, glass door, covering to avoid in the mishap.

  • Physical Checkup

Checking the physical condition of your pool is our pool inspector’s duty. From interior to exterior, the professional we send will check everything. Your pool must have a nice finishing because that gives it a beautiful look. All the materials used should be waterproof and durable. We also tell you what repairing work and resurfacing if needed.

  • Equipment

To make it fun and exciting, your pool must be fully functioning. Call us to check all the equipment such as filters, pumps, heaters, and others. Pumps are an important part as they maintain a steady flow of water in your pool. Filters help clean the water from dust particles and make it pure.

Moreover, if you are planning to use your pool on other days, not just on hot days, you need a heating system to keep the water warm. It is a costly installation and needs special handling, which only professionals can offer.

  • Infrastructure and backyard conditions

Your pool is a part of your house, so it needs proper drainage system to keep your house safe along with the suction line, plumbing, and pipes. 

  • Other features

If your pool is upgraded, stylish, and comfortable, it must have additional features. These may include Pool Spa, Automatic Pool Cover, and Automation, remote control system, Diving board, water features and more. You may spend a lot of money on such features but keeping them safe for long-term is something only our inspectors can do. With technical handling, we can save you from further damages.

You can rely on us because we keep an eye on every little detail. We care about you and make the best use of your time and money. We help make your time fun and relaxing.

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We take pride in providing you a secure fun time. With our pool inspection, pool leak repair, and Hot tub repairing, you can make your vacations more fun. Our trained technicians make your pools new like before. We are honest in providing fair deals that are affordable.

Moreover, you will get a price quote before we start your work. You can rely on us with our expert's advice for repair work or reinstallation. Your satisfaction is all that we need. Many of our happy customers are enjoying the work we have done to their pools.

Working Hours

We work from Monday to Friday 8 to 5. For convince, we are available on weekend only by appointments. Call us at 512-838-3061 or visit our website  to request your appointment.

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For details, Please feel free to call us at 512-431-6268

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