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Pappalardo Home Inspections is a residential and commercial inspection service provider. Serving widely in DeBary FL and surrounding cities and counties, this is a certified real estate inspection company. Whether you need a home inspection or a corporate building examination, we are ready to serve you.

We know that the security of you and your family is highly important. Our team does the thorough inspection of your home to give you the highest standard of building protection. We provide you with:

Building Examination for Property Sale and Purchase

When you are to buy or sell out a residential or commercial property, you must have a complete examination. A pre-purchase home inspection gives you information about:

  • Building safety
  • Whether you need any repair or maintenance
  • Finding different types of damages
  • Finding any health risks like radon and mold

It helps the buyer decide whether to purchase a building or not and plan necessary renovations or repairs. Buyer can also ask concession in price against the possible and existing damages. As a seller, this examination gives you a clean chit if your property is safe and flawless.

Always hire the services of a licensed home inspector for pre-purchase or pre-listing building examination. Pappalardo Home Inspections offers you the best and professional facility for this examination. It will prove a valuable partner in your buying or sell. A pre-listing inspection gives the seller a clear picture of the building condition. The seller can identify any possible concerns before putting it on the purchase.

Our home inspector performs an assessment of all the preceding aspects to make sure of the security of a building. Foundation assessment of a building is necessary. If the foundation has cracks and damages, it is insecure for living or working. Likewise, if the roof is leaking or has holes in it, you cannot live or stay under it.

What We Inspect in a Building?

In a commercial or residential inspection, we take into account many things. Safety is our topmost concern while examining a building. Our building assessment includes:

Roof: structure and covering condition, gutters, chimneys, penetration, ventilation, skylights, sealing materials etc.

Structural: roof, wall, floor, and foundation; attached structures like deck and porch.

Exterior and ground: window, doors, driveway and entrance walkway, ground around the building

Electrical: distribution and disconnect panels, lighting arrangements, wiring and switchboards, outlets and circuit breakers

Heat & AC: heating and cooling system, indoor and outdoor units, air handler, furnace, heat pump, evaporators and ducts

Plumbing: piping and drainage, waste and vent, toilets, showers, bathtubs, water supply, and septic tank

Appliances: all the electric and electronic appliances’ condition

Garage: floor, walls, ceiling, automatic garage doors and their equipment

Lawn sprinkler system: electrical system, piping and sprinkling, water supply, and basic operation

If any of these are not functioning well, we inform you. Our assessment report includes pictures and detailed data of the building. On the basis of our report, you feel easy to decide whether to purchase a property or not.

Why Choose Us?

Pappalardo Home Inspections is an owner-operated real estate assessment service. James Pappalardo, chief of the service, is a certified inspector. His unique qualities and qualifications make him the best building Inspector in Florida. He is in the construction business for more than 30 years. He is also a licensed realtor for more than 15 years. Therefore, you do not need to go elsewhere for building assessment.

We use the latest equipment, skills, and technique in assessing the building. We make our best efforts to provide you with a factual assessment of the condition of a building. Our purpose is to help our customers in making the right decision while purchasing a building.

We openly invite our customers to come and see what we do and how themselves. We will answer your questions and give you valuable advice for maintenance and renovation. We also provide follow-up consultations upon request. We will discuss the inspection results on phone or in person. That way, we try our best to fully satisfy the clients.

Our pricing is inexpensive. We offer excellent services at a budget-friendly rate. We charge only for what we do; there will be no hidden charges, rest assured. We know that such a big decision is not an easy thing for anyone. You cannot have any risk about the safety of the building you are going to invest on. Our sincere hard work and services are to save you from any wrong selection and help in purchasing a property.

We will never advise you to have such a service for saving a few bucks. You may find a low-priced service but it will not up to the mark. After all, you are spending a fortune on a building purchase. How can you compromise on examination standards? You must not neglect the importance of security to save a little money.

Client satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. Along with it, our staff gives you the best, polite, and courteous service. Our license no is BN 5706.

Available seven days a week, we are ready to serve you at any time. Contact us now for an appointment or free estimate.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 407-402-4496

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