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Broughton Appliance Repair is a Company that specializes in appliance repair and installation. We can solve all kinds of appliance problems. We are available to help homeowners throughout the Kentucky State and in surrounding areas including Eminence. There are many home machines that have become part of our life. We cannot live a comfortable life without them. Therefore, repair and installation needs are also there.

We know what types of fixing issues in electronic and electric devices you can face at home. For example, you may face non-functional ovens, water puddles underneath the refrigerator, or some other issue with heating or cooling system. Whether you face these problems at home or office, you will have to call a professional repairer to get the job done. Broughton Appliance Repair is there to help you get out of appliance-related troubles.

Get the Appliance & HVAC System Repaired at Your Place

If your washer or dryer is not functional, you cannot wash and dry your clothes. You would need to wash clothes every week or after ten days. Likewise, oven, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer are the essentials of a home. We know the frustration you will face when any of them is out or order. However, Broughton Appliance Repair is ready to restore your home’s convenience.

Whether you need our services for home or office, we are available for both. HVAC systems are part of every household and corporate place. This system is necessary for heating and cooling for most of the year. Without this system, you can spend neither summer nor winter comfortably. Regular checkups and maintenance are necessary to keep them in working condition. We provide an excellent maintenance facility for your place to keep your everyday life comfortable.

Our services include:

Along with repair, we also offer microwave installation and dishwasher installation service. If you purchase new devices, you can hire us to install them for you.

We offer services for these brands:

  • Amana
  • GE
  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool

Installation and repair are not the only things we offer. We have maintenance and protection plan for your home devices. When you hire us as a regular service provider, we give you pre-season and post-season checkups or when it is necessary. Time-to-time checking keeps the machines in good shape.

Maintenance is essential for a smooth working of your devices whether is small or big. Kitchen and bathroom machines create a lot of annoyance if not working. We take you out of that frustration. Additionally, our installation service is there to complete your home. Kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and bedroom – our services are available for installation and repair of the appliances for all these places.

Some of the things need proper take care and replacement after a certain time. If any of your home appliances has got old and its functioning is no more good, just replace it with a new one.

Why Are We The Best?

Established in 1972, Broughton Appliance Repair is an appliance repair service. We are a locally operated and family-owned business. We repair as well as install appliances. We provide services for all major brands. We know that homeowners widely use big brands. Every household has electric appliances of the brands like Samsung.

Device installation and repair both demand timeliness. Some of the gadgets like a microwave oven, dishwasher, electric stove washing machine and dryer need to be functional. If not, your life becomes quite difficult. It creates a great mess in today’s busy life if you cannot fix the issues your own self. Broughton Appliance Repair is there for this.

Almost 45 years of market presence and a long period of experience has made us a leading name in the field. We have the experience of repairing anything from the refrigerator to HVAC in different settings. You can have full trust on our well-rounded expertise because we have pretty much seen it all. There is nothing out of our experience whether it is a specific brand or a type of repair.  

In-depth training and hands-on experience of our team help them diagnose and fix the issue immediately. We have practiced a wide variety of devices’ malfunctions and repair them within no time. We do a thorough check-up of your device and troubleshoot the problem. We are fully capable of bringing the gadgets back to working condition.

We are here to install, repair, maintain, and improve the condition of your home devices. Our mission is to provide you the comfort of living at affordable prices. We work according to your schedule. Our reasonable pricing has helped us achieve great clientele. Additionally, our polite and courteous customer service is there to fully satisfy your needs.

You can have an appointment with us on 502 643 0830 and we will schedule a visit to your home or place. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 502-643-0830

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