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Since 1995, Computer Zone USA in Evanston IL has been working with computer’s hardware and software installation. We take pride in providing quality work for your computer installation and repair. Our experts understand the latest technological trends and fulfill all your computer needs at a one-stop shop.

We offer you great deals on brand new, used, and refurbished Mac Book, PC, and laptops.

Call us and stay calm. Our team can handle all kinds of issues, installations, and repair services.

Our Computer Installation Story

We are not new in the computer business. Our company started operating computers back in 1987. At Computer Zone USA, our belief is that computers are not for business purposes only but for the personal use as well for everyone. We opened our first store Computer Zone in India with complete computer services and networking outlets in all of Southern India.

With the 10 years of experience and excellent customer responses, we take our business to new heights. With our vision and talent technicians, we stepped in Evanston IL with our new branch, Computer Zone USA. Since that day, all the neighbors are happy to find a reliable source of buying and selling computers.

Moreover, in 1999, with your appreciation we expanded our services to video security systems, serving your homes and business all over the area.

Services We Offer

Are you worried about trying new dealers every time for different problems?

Well, your worries are over now. Our wide range of computing services covers all your problems that include:

  • Computer Window Installation, upgrades, and setup
  • Troubleshoot Repair and Cleaning
  • Computer Networking and cabling
  • Laptop services
  • Office liquidation
  • Security Cameras Installation and Repair
  • DVR Repair
  • OS Reinstall
  • OS Recovery
  • Hardware and Software Installation
  • Memory installation and recovery
  • Drive installation
  • Anti-Virus Installation
  • Hard Disk install and recover service

We Help You Resell at the Best Price

Whether you are starting your new business, upgrading it or closing it for some reasons, come to us for the best profitable reselling deals. We do not allow you to throw your computers or other systems into the garbage or buy them at expensive rates. Call us and let us handle your reselling and rebuying at good rates.

You can trust us because we understand the value of your products and help you in Office liquidation or recycling. We can also offer refurbished computers to meet your needs. We are professionals and ready to make long-term relationships with our customers.

Moreover, we deal in various kinds of brands. Our laptop and Mac Specials are affordable and fit every budget. Our inventory comprises of lightly used and refurbished products with guaranteed performance.

Security Cameras and DVR

Although we respect your American tradition of DIY for Security Cameras Installation, we advise you to leave this to the experts. Our team is highly trained in installing the cameras to make you feel safe. Our less expensive systems can:

  1. Detect and deter theft
  2. Allow you to monitor from anywhere, anytime through your systems(PC, laptops or even smartphones)
  3. 1-year warranty
  4. Onsite repairing
  5. Quick 24-hour service in case of failure
  6. Have Motion Sensor

Contact us for the best consultation while choosing your security. We help you make worthy decisions that stay with you for a longer period.

Computer Cleaning, Recycling, and Drive Recovery

In the world of fast technology, who has the patience to deal with slow systems?

To take you out of trouble and to help you meet the needs of a fast world, we are in town with our computer cleaning and upgrading techniques.

Cleaning your computers can make your systems perform better. Along with the small units, many of the big companies trust us with their personal data. We are confident in handling your computer scrap, computer recycling, drive recovery, and disposal of excessive data that is not in use.

Moreover, we have other solutions for making your computer run faster. Talk to us before throwing your systems out or spending dollars on new ones. We can do that in the less expensive way. Our computer upgrades can easily enhance or modify your system.

Another way of making your computer work better is to free it from the virus. They not only take away your systems energy but they can also destroy your data. We offer Anti-Virus installation to keep your personal data safe from hacking or other spams.

Choose Us

We have many reasons for you to make Computer Zone USA your first choice when it comes to your computer installation, repair, or any other service that you need. Our years of experience and expanded business say it all.

We have highly trained technicians and qualified staff to provide matchless services. Our certified A+ specialists will never disappoint you. We assure you that we are not only here to make dollars but to give you an easy life with the latest technology. We listen and care for our customers. Whether you at our shop or call us; we will find us equally helpful. We can guarantee your satisfaction. You get your money back if we fail.

With us, there is no need to stay away from your computer for days. We provide you same day services depending on the condition of repairing. If you bring your system until 2 pm, you can get it back by 7 pm.

Working Hours

Welcome to our shop in Evanston for your personal/business computer installation, networking, or security system’s needs. We are available from Monday to Friday 10 A.M to 7 P.M and on Saturday 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Call us at 773-539-1045 or fill out the form at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 773-539-1045

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  • Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Mac Book Repair
  • Office Liquidation
  • Security Cameras Repair
  • Computer Installation
  • Laptop Window Installation
  • OS Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery

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