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Our Atlanta Mold and Cleaning Company is new in the mold inspection business and started in 2016 in Decatur GA. However, the owner Mr. Parnell Hall has been working in Atlanta for many years.

With the years of experience, the owner has built a great team of knowledgeable workers, who are highly trained and professionals. Mr. Hall has created the company to provide easy access to the mold removal and mold remediation. The rapid growth mold happens because of the hot and humid climate of the area, which is the best condition for mold to grow.

Whether you are at your home, workplace or anywhere, you are highly likely to find mold growing in the corners. However, if you could not see anything just give us a call for inspection. We will be at your service with our fully equipped team in no time no matter where you are in the entire Atlanta. Sometimes, you need experienced eyes to see such problems.

Mold Inspection in Three Steps

Our team has a different process of making your homes and workplaces safe and secure. Our service has three steps:

  1. Mold Inspection and testing
  2. Mold Remediation
  3. Post Mold Remediation

Have a thorough look at our services. You will be pleased with our satisfactory work.

Mold Inspection and Testing

When you call us for your help, our team reaches at your place for the visual testing first. Our inspection goal is to identify the mold contamination, identify the conditions, and detect the cause of growth. We follow the 5 steps during our visual inspection.

Step# 1:

The first step is to inspect the place completely and detect the area where the mold is growing. It may grow on your walls, behind the walls or other hidden places where there is enough moisture. You can find the moisture anywhere in the form of water spots on the wall, any leakage in pipes, unevenness in the foundation, clogged gutter, or gape or cracks.

Step# 2:

We do a general cleanliness check. We are keen observer so your mold cannot hide from us anywhere. We inspect your ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems, and water pipe systems closely. We are looking for dampness in filters and other parts of your systems.

Step# 3:

After highlighting the areas of mold growth in your house, we move towards the actual cause. Our team is expert in making a clear report for the source of moisture.

Step# 4:

Further, we take the air sample to check out the condition of mold in your house. We check if the mold particles travel in the air like dust particle through ducts and vents. They may travel through your air conditions, fans, ventilation systems and others.

Step # 5:

After collecting the data, we will send your samples to the lab for scientific analysis. You will get the lab results along with the detailed report explaining all the things we do during our inspection. We highly recommend that you get the mold remediation done to make your air pure.

Mold Remediation

The first thing you do is to call a reliable mold inspection company, after getting the lab results, which clearly shows the mold growth. The service you are hiring must have a team of experts who have complete knowledge of mold removal.

Do not compromise your health, as molds are dangerous and can cause you respiratory problems. They are lightweight and can spread to your clean areas easily. Therefore, it is better to a call professional before time.

To make sure that our work is perfect, we have made a guideline base of EPA guideline. We follow the basic plan:

  1. Eliminate all the water resources
  2. Dry all the materials such as upholstery and carpets or maybe remove or dispose of them for complete protection.
  3. All the furniture must be cleaned or maybe they need HEPA vacuum for detail cleaning.
  4. In order to prevent the mold spreading to other areas, cover it with a polyethylene sheet.
  5. After completing all the drying and vacuum process, your air is pure to breathe.

Post Mold Remediation

We care for our customers and do not leave them in middle of unfinished work. After mold inspection and mold remediation, we also offer post mold remediation. This is helpful in many ways as to ensure that our team has done the work perfectly.

Our team will again repeat the process of visual testing, sample collecting and observing all the property through. Your safety is our concern that is why we are here to re-examine your place. After collecting all the data, we will again send this to the lab and collect the detail report.

We confirm that your place is mold free and safe for your living. We provide an official certificate of cleanliness as a proof that your house is healthy to breathe in.

Why Mold Inspection is Important

Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of Hyphae - threadlike structure. Some molds can spoil your food and other can directly affect your health. A typical health issue that people face is coughing, wheezing, and irritation. Moreover, it can cause you lung diseases and respiratory problems.

Choose Us

It is better to take help from experts to save yourself and your family. Call Atlanta Mold and Cleaning Company and see how effortlessly we can purify your home, office or any other place.

You can trust us with all sorts of mold problems. Our experts are fully qualified for mold testingattic insulation, wall insulationmold prevention, and black mold inspection.  Moreover, we also help you in mold damage restoration.

We are responsible to take good care of your house and property. Do not worry, when we are around. We keep your things safe. One more reason among many reasons why we are becoming famous in just short period is that we got 4.8 stars by Home Advisor.

While other people are living a healthy life with our mold inspection, why can’t you?

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