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Residential, Commercial, Interior, and Exterior Painting

Do you want to color your place a new and are looking for a painting service? You have come to the right place. Paint It Austin is a paint as well as renovation service in Round Rock TX and surrounding areas. We do both interior and exterior painting. Being in business since 2008, we always like to serve our customers by providing the best solutions.  

We are not limited to painting only. We are available for staining, taping, floating, texturing, and replacing rotten wood. Our knowledge in these helps you decide what and what not to do with your home and office projects.

Commercial Painting Service

In commercial paint service, we have handled apartment complexes, mid-sized hotel, offices, and stores. We know what the importance of time for businesses is. Therefore, we work according to the schedule of our clients. Whether you want us to work during weekends, nights, late hours, or need a quick turnaround, we are ready.

Additionally, we understand the significance of the safety of your items, important belongings, vehicles, and furniture, etc. We prep all the items indoor and outdoor before starting our work to protect them from damage. Our building painting contractor is available to serve you and suggest what the best and the most suitable option is. Our commercial painting contractor is there to suggest the best solutions and to provide excellent services.

Residential Painting Service

We handle both indoor and outdoor painting. Whatever your requirement is, we are there to fulfill it. Some of the customers want us to paint only a wall or a room, while some others need to have the total home painting. We know that the requirements of every job are different. Therefore, we adopt a different strategy for different types of work. You give us the color, texture, design and we work in accordance with that. Our team helps you in choosing colors and textures matching with the settings.

Interior and Exterior Paint Services

Our exterior painting service is both for home and office buildings. We have full knowledge of the requirements indoor and outdoor painting. We take all necessary measures before starting our work. Like, we spread plastic sheets on the floor or furniture before painting. For the exterior, we get the job done and fully cover you. Our outdoor facilities include:

Siding       paint deck

Vinyl         sand and re-stain decks

Brick         porch areas

Trim          pergolas

Soffit        sheds

Replace any damaged wood

Replace old wood with siding, (James Hardie)

Deck replacement

Replace rotten columns

Replace any sheds

We also take full building paint projects.

Other Services

We also provide services other than paint. You can hire us for the following:

Is your deck has gone worn, dirty, and unrecognizable? Do not worry at all. We are available to give a new look to your deck. Wooden deck after a few years gets discolored and dirty. We can give it a fresh look. Our paint products for deck staining are the best in terms of quality. We use rollers, brushes, paint pads, and sprayers for deck painting according to the needs.

If you are tired of the old and aged popcorn walls and ceiling, we can remove it the best way. Our painters will give your walls and ceiling a new look. First, we remove the popcorn surface and then paint it again.

Textured painting is one of the quickest growing painting trends. You can say it is a kind of art. It is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to paint the walls and surfaces. We offer interior as well as exterior paint service for textured one. You can have it on both walls and on the ceiling. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. We have specialized team members for this task. If you like to have gorgeous walls and ceiling, our textured paint service is there. Whether you like to have a single color with a simple design or you want multiple colors, we can do it for you.

This paint has gravel like particles and grainy appearance with elevated texture. It has the look of stucco. We always have a special agent available separately for this in stores. We use this accordingly for smoothness or roughness. The textured look of paint needs a high-quality paint product. You can have a metallic finish in gold, silver, and copper.

We make sure before textured painting that the walls or ceiling is clean and not damaged. If we see any damage on the surface, first we fill it and then work. Our textured painters give your surface a gorgeous look with the attractive artwork.

Why Choose Us?

Paint It Austin is one of the most professional residential, commercial, interior, and exterior paint service. Choosing us as your paint service provider means that you have made the right decision. Never choose a messy and low standard service for painting and coloring your home or office. It is not only painting, rather it is the matter of décor and design. It needs special knowledge of interior and exterior décor and not every other person qualifies for it.

Our team is fully trained and qualified for home and commercial painting jobs. We have experienced and professional people who are fully capable of filling your requirements. We will not hesitate to go an extra mile to satisfy our customers. We are not limited to our fixed duties of painting. We also clean-up after painting so that you do not have anything to worry.

Our pricing is affordable. We charge only for what we do for you; there are no hidden charges. Rest assured that quality of our work, facilities, and solutions are state of the art. Our products meet the quality, hygiene, and health standards. Our customer service and client satisfaction level is the best among our competitors.

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