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Fisher Transfer has been in moving business for over 75 years in Minneapolis MN. A family-owned business since 1939 gives you a great experience with residential, commercial, long distance moving and piano moving services. Whenever you need a reliable partner, call us. We will at your service with our highly trained experts to make your move easy.

Our Moving Services

You can count on us with our amazing wide range of moving services. When you call Fisher Transfer for help, we send you the best team, which can do any task. We are known for the following services:

Residential Moving Services

Are you excited about your new place? NO?

Why not? Everybody feels excited about new places and they are fun. You get a chance to upgrade your living style. Décor according to your mood and do whatever you like.

Oh! Are you worried about packing? Do not worry when we are here. We take all your burdens and help you with packing your stuff in no time. Book us in advance and leave the rest to us. We can handle the job well.

From your clothes to your delicate jewelry, your crockery, furniture, doors, curtains, railings everything is safe with us. You are like a family for us and we take good care of our family.

Move into Your New Residence Easily

Along with helping customers move to new homes, we can help with:

  • Town Homes
  • Senior Movers
  • College Move
  • Condos
  • Apartments

Affordable Senior Moving Services

Moving to a new place for seniors is much more difficult than it is for young ones. Kids will be excited about the new place and can accommodate easily. However, for seniors, it is difficult to handle. They have emotional attachments to things, the place, surroundings, and neighborhood. For a family, it becomes a tough task to handle elderly people and manages their convenience among other things.

That is why we offer you our senior movers’ team. We value our customers and take care of every little thing they might need. We try our best to make them feel good about their new place and console their feelings. They have certain insecurities about their personal things, because of their memories of a lifetime.

We assure you that we take care of everything personally. We are capable of providing a comfortable, smooth, and easy senior moving service. You can rely on us and we feel pride in making your move less tiring with seniors.

Talk to us about your queries, we will provide you satisfying answers.

Quality Commercial Moving Services

Are you struggling to expand your business? You are definitely hiring new employees and improving the workspace, making it big enough to accommodate every person. Maybe you are looking for an attractive commercial building to work in the pleasant environment and attract more customers.

Stop worrying! It is the time to move. Find yourself a nice working place and leave the rest to us. From packing your furniture to every little document you have, we take care of everything.

Your Commercial Move is Our Business

Book us today and get some rest. Have a look at what we can do for your commercial move:

  • Corporate moving
  • Employee relocation
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Padding and wrapping up all the furniture
  • Organizing and staging
  • Furniture assembling and disassembling

Experts Piano Moving Service

Moving your precious things is not an easy job, not everyone can do it. It is better to take help from professionals who are experts in piano handling. Call Fisher Transfer and see how effortlessly we take your things to your new place.

Pianos vary in sizes and weight, even the baby piano is not easy to move. It requires certain techniques to take out your piano from your residence and fixing to the new place. Do not let any nonprofessional person handle your piano moving. In cases of an accident, you will end up losing your piano and wasting your money.

Call professionals to save your precious belongings. We are responsible and can handle your things well. Along with piano, we can also take your antiques carefully to your new place. You can have peace of mind when we are around.

Moving Tips from Our Experts

Our experts know your concerns about moving. Here are certain tips from them that you must follow:

  • Pre Scheduling

To be on the safe side it is better to book us 2 weeks in advance. As you know the summer season is busiest, so just book us now and we will manage the time for you.

  • Clean Sidewalks/Floors

While loading your things into the vehicle, it is better to keep your sidewalks and floors free of obstacles to avoid an accident.

  • Packing/ Unpacking

If you choose to pack your luggage yourself, we advise you to label each box and have an inventory of your things. Do not overload your boxes. Put some paper or covering in the corners of the boxes. Take out all your valuables and breakable things form the drawers.

We are not responsible for “Owner packed” boxes.

  • Electronics

Unhook your electronics carefully. We are not responsible for any nonfunctioning appliances, except visible damage we might have caused.

  • Furniture

We can assemble and disassemble your furniture on your request.

  • Appliances

Disconnect all the appliances and pack them properly. Fridge and refrigerators should be empty before loading on the truck.

  • Other Things

If you have small plants at home, pack them in boxes. Moreover, you must disassemble exercise machines/ weight machines, and tanks.

We are not responsible for any unpacked delicate things like pictures and lamps. Pack your yard tools in a separate box to keep them and other things safe.

Why Our Moving Services

We have all that you want for your quality moving. We understand your concerns and try our best to make you feel comfortable and secure. Your safe moving is our priority. This is why our professional team is trained to keep your packed things safe. They are licensed and insured for your protection.

Call us for any moving service. We also provide free onsite estimates. One of the many reasons of our fame is our low rates. Our dealing is transparent and we do not take hidden charges. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

To make you our happy customer, we can provide work references on your request. Moreover, to avoid any inconvenience it is better to book our residential mover, commercial mover or long distance mover in 2 weeks advance.

We work 24/7, 365 days of the years. Call today and move your life towards betterment with us by your side. Dial 651-774-2259 or email at  

For details, Please feel free to call us at 612-377-5112

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