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Are your tired of your messy and unorganized kitchen?

Well, do not worry. South Bay Cabinets & Closets is here in San Jose CA to take your entire burden. We are specialists in kitchen cabinets installation and bedroom closets with years of experience. With our amazing kitchen remodeling, you can enjoy your stylish and comfortable life in a less expensive way.

Our fully trained team is ready to give you perfect finishes to make your kitchen attractive. Feel free to call us and talk about your queries. Make your dream kitchen a reality by calling us today.

Kitchen Remodeling with Cabinet Installation

Whether you are building a new home or renovating the old one, you need an expert who can provide excellent services for your cabinets’ installation and repair.

Hire our cabinetry professionals, because they are capable of making your kitchen an amazing and attractive place. With our wide range of quality materials to choose from, we stand at the top in the industry.

Moreover, if your budget does not allow you to have new cabinets’ installation, we have the perfect solution for it. In such a situation, cabinets refinishing or cabinets repair is the best option. We assure you that our refinishing or polishing material is eco- friendly. Because we work for perfection, you will surely love what we do to your cabinets.

Our additional cabinetry service includes:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Repair
  • Madera Cabinets 
  • Curio Cabinets 
  • Cabinet hardware
  • White kitchen cabinets
  • Garage cabinets

Call us today and experience the magical service at affordable rates.

Bedroom Closet

The bedroom is the first and the last place you see every day. Your messy bedroom affects your positive energy. You might even consider throwing all the stuff out. Yes, your personal space needs your attention, so why don’t you go for an easy solution.

Cabinet organizers, yes only this can make your work easier. Your work life is and surely, you do not get time to arrange the closets during the week. Moreover, unorganized closets take your extra time to find the perfect matching of handbags, shoes, jeans, or tops. This can cause delays in your plans.

Our specially designed closets will save you from unwanted tensions. The unique features in our closets such as adjustable shelves, hanging rods, jewelry drawers, baskets, extra draws, cubbies, and much more, prove very useful. We can easily accommodate our designs according to your place keeping our quality work constant. Make your bedroom stylish and comfortable with easy access to everything.

Call us today and talk about your ideas. Our mutual understanding can produce great results for your home.

Painting Cabinets

Painting cabinets can also serve the purpose of making old cabinets like new. It is a cost-effective solution and gives your room or kitchen a different and entirely new look. Moreover, it helps you brighten up the room and make it more inviting and pleasant. For lighter rooms choose our white kitchen cabinets. However, keep in mind that the white cabinets start looking dirty sooner than dark-colored ones. It is better to choose a cabinet with the semi-gloss or gloss finish, which is easy to clean.

Choose your color wisely, because it has a strong impact on your mind and environment. For better recommendation, our consultants are readily available. Call us and we will be at your service in the least time possible.

We work diligently to give you perfect results. We never repaint your cabinets or doors without scratching the old paint off. This is an important step in order to get a smooth finish. Before starting paints, we cover other things or remove them to keep them safe.

If you are thinking about DIY methods, we do not encourage that. It may work for you for a short time but does not have lasting aesthetic appeal. Leave the painting to professionals. Painting may look like an easy job but certainly, it is not. It has certain techniques for smooth, shiny, and spotless results. Nothing can beat the professional skills. That is why we recommend you to hire our experts for the glossy and flawless painting service.

An additional benefit of painting home doors and cabinets is that it can increase the worth of your house with little effort. Why wait? Make it look pricey, lavish, and eye-catching starting NOW.

Choosing Us for Your Cabinets

Save your money and time with our professional yet affordable services. Our team is highly qualified and well trained to make your cabinets look unique and different. You can rely on us at any time. Our mesmerizing services will make your kitchen attractive and welcoming.

We excel in customer service and go the extra mile to make you a happy customer. We understand your requirements completely and try to provide the best designs for your kitchen cabinets, garage cabinets, and closets.

We are capable of making the best use of the available space with precise measurements. Consult us for the best designs of your cabinets and closets. You will find our designs different from the usual. From traditional to modern, you can have anything that matches your style.

Call today for Kitchen Remodeling and bedroom closets!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 650-451-5531

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