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A Plus inspection Of Texas is a real estate assessment service provider. Widely operating in Houston TX, we cover many areas of the state including Houston, and the surrounding counties. If you are to buy or sell a property, you will surely need a professional inspector for real estate examination.

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Real Estate Examinations We Do

No matter what property you want to inspect, we will handle it for you in the most professional manner. Household Examination

A Plus Inspections has several years of experience in assessing single-family units, large properties, farms, etc. When you need to have an inspection of the home or commercial property, you can hire our services. Our household examination includes the assessment of everything from the foundation to rooftop.

We offer family unit assessments services, phase inspections, re-inspections, and many other types of inspections. Our commitment is to provide every customer with excellent and accurate services. Rest assured that we would treat you with respect. Not only this, but we will address all your worries, and provide you with the data you require. We have the license (TREC # 6883) to practice, and our team is well trained.

Commercial Property Assessment

Are you looking to buy or sell a commercial property? We can help you make the right decision. Sometimes, sellers do not show potential buyers the faults, but we have a keen eye. We can detect issues and guide you. From apartment complexes, dental offices, restaurants, churches, mobile home parks, pharmacies, industrial facilities, we inspect all kinds of buildings.

Whether you buy warehouses, multistory office buildings, trailer parks, drugstores, grocery stores, and meeting halls, we can provide you with examination services.

 Other services relevant to sale/purchase as well as safety and security that we offer include:

Newly Constructed Buildings’ Examination

We assess newly built homes, and this includes phase assessments and completion assessments. If you are planning to buy a new building or if you want to sell your new property, you can ask us for a proper report. This will help you get better buyers and give you peace of mind while moving in.

Foundation Inspection

Detecting any foundation problem is difficult. You cannot detect some problems yourself, without professional assistance. Therefore, you need a reputable, skilled, experienced, and certified home inspector. We conduct a throughout an in-depth assessment of building a foundation to determine what the flaw is.

Our building inspector uses a leveling device to check out whether the level of the floor is equal or not. Some buildings have signs of the non-equal level of foundation and damage in it. While some others may have a high level of structural problems and show significant movement, others have clear signs of being completely out of place. Only a skilled and experienced inspector equipped with right tools can judge these things and knows the solution.

We have a record of accomplishment for providing the services that give you a clear picture. We provide you with an accurate report of the condition of the foundation.

Roof Inspection on the Roof

Property inspection needs thoroughness and consideration of details. Only then, an inspector can identify the problems. As we are committed to superior performance so we will not leave, any place especially the roof surface. We consider it our duty to inspect the roof from the surface so we use 20’ and 30’ ladders to climb. With the help of these ladders, we can easily access two-story buildings and some of the tri-story ones also. Just tell us what type of roof you have so that we can plan accordingly to reach the top.

Now come to the things that have a direct link with our health and hygiene. Here is what we help you with to improve the value of your property:

Well Water Inspection

Is there a well in the building and you want to have its inspection? We can take account of water testing in building examination. This testing includes a coliform analysis. You just need to inform us whether you want to have a water testing when you contact us for booking.

Septic Inspection

Are you worried about your septic tank? We offer septic tank examination. If you need it, inform us and we will add it in the examination. Our license # is NAWT ID # 13390ITC

Sewer and drain line inspection

Sewer and drain lines are very important for the right sanitary functions of a home. If you have a large diameter-plumbing vent that we can easily access, we can inspect it for you. We will also clean up any blockage or damage.

Lead, Asbestos, and Mold Inspection

Are you upset due to the presence of these extremely harmful substances around? Tell us about it while booking the service. We will provide you with an associated service provider.

Infrared Inspection

There are things that we cannot see with naked eyes. These invisible substances are extremely dangerous. However, we have an expert of thermal imaging inspection. That inspector evaluates your building with infrared cameras. Inform us while booking if you need this service.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Does your building have wood destroying insects? The best way of protecting your property from this problem is to have a regular inspection. If you need it, just let us know. We will include wood destroying insect assessment with building inspection.

Other Services

Besides all these services, we also conduct pool inspection and termite assessment. Our license # is Termite Tech # 639722.

After termite and mold examination and mold remediation, we provide you with the following:

  • Certificate of mold damage remediation issued by Texas government
  • Termite inspection report
  • Wood destroying insect report

203K Consultations

Do you want to purchase a home and renovate it in a single loan? You can do it with the help of a dedicated team. Having a well-aware and skilled 203K consultant is the major problem. We are available to help and arrange a consultant for this purpose and provide you with the right services and facilities. Our license # is HUD Consultant ID # D0946.

Environmental Site Assessment

Do you need a Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessment? We can help in providing you with the service provider who is capable of meeting the needs.

Why are we the Best Choice?

We are licensed and insured. Our HUD consultant and Homestyle Renovation Consultant, Paul Ferguson, has the experience of conducting 203K consultations. A Plus inspection Of Texas is a local family owned, and operated service. With many tough and difficult experiences, our team has now grown into a mature one.

We do not hesitate to go beyond our routine responsibilities to satisfy a customer. Our team members have gone through filthy and smelly places and even endangered their life to perform their duties. The same dedication and commitment to our company is the key to our success.

We will feel proud to serve you. Your satisfaction is our goal. Contact us today or if you need a home or commercial property inspection.

License Number

TREC # 6883

For details, Please feel free to call us at 713-322-5859

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  • Wood Destroying Insect Report

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