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Professional Mold Removal & Water Extraction Facilities

We offer mold removal and water extraction facilities along with damage restoration solutions. We have experienced mold evaluation professionals who can restore mold damage and suggest further precautionary measures. Moreover, we have experts for flood damage repair and water mitigation.

Whenever your home or offices have to face these problems, you look out for a mold removal expert. There must be many mold removal companies, however, we feel proud to declare that 24-7 Restoration & Remodeling can cover you excellently.

24-7 Restoration & Remodeling facilitates you for these two severe home and commercial building solutions. Alongside, we offer solutions for other plumbing-related issues like backup, cleanup, and fixing the overflow. Hire our services for mold testing as well as black mold damage repair.

Mold Removal Services

Our excellent mold removal and repair solutions have been helping many commercial and home customers. Our licensed mold removal experts are fully capable of providing you with solutions and stoppage for future production and damage. If mold damage repair is great, it will take a bit more time and effort.

Our instruments and methods of testing for mold are the latest ones. You can hire our mold clean-up facility if you cannot handle it on your own. If it is not very much spread, we can wash it away with soapy water and a hard brush. For further mold remediation, we will stop the water leakage or dampness in that place. Water presence and permanent dampness are the basic reason of mold production and spread. Our solutions are for:

Black mold is one of the most harmful types. 24-7 Restoration & Remodeling is one of the best black mold removal companies. Our black mold removal experts and qualified professionals are available to serve you and solve the problems. Our black mold removal professionals conduct black mold inspection. After testing for black mold, we suggest black mold removal and repair techniques.

We can simply wash it away with detergent and hot water. We use bleach, borax, and vinegar if the simple wash is not enough. Furthermore, mold killing sprays and products like fungicide for longstanding mold. During clean up, our professionals use facemask specially rated for black mold and covers for hands, arms, and feet. We only use certified mold killings products and sprays. These clean it up thoroughly and stop future production. Besides, we suggest precautionary measures for building users and homeowners while clean-up procedure.

Another very harmful type of mold you need to look out for is the toxic mold. We clean it with ammonia, tea tree oil, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide etc. These are effective for killing toxic mold. Ours is one of the best toxic mold removal companies because we know the harms of toxic mold damage. Toxic mold damage repair also demands serious efforts.

A drywall, carpet, and other porous things can get mold easily. We cannot repair the loss of these objects nor repair the damage caused, but we can eliminate the mold for you. First, we test, identify and then suggest toxic mold remediation methods.

Dampness and water presence is the main reason for mold growth. We look out for any possible water leakage and seepage in walls, foundation, and ceiling. Then, we wash out or clean up the dampness or water. That way, we not only kill the mold but also put a stop to future growth. One solution for this is crawl space encapsulation. Our experts can provide excellent encapsulation for crawl space.

Water Damage (Extraction and Remediation)

Our flood and water removal services are for both residential and commercial buildings. This service is divided into three categories:

Whenever our clients face these problems, we are here to get them out of the situation. You can call us and hire our services for an emergency water restoration. Our experts are fully capable of understanding and restoring damages due to water destruction. Water can penetrate deep down into walls and the foundation. It becomes the reason of a great loss to any building like structural damage.

24-7 Restoration & Remodeling uses water and moisture detection meters. These latest meters give us an indication of water penetration in the walls and underwood floor. If there is any porous material in the building like a carpet, drywall, and sheetrock, it can become the reason for a great loss. This damage needs an immediate attention. If you delay things, it causes further destruction that is surely going to be more costly.

Our water remediation experts and professional damage repairers use certified and tested equipment to dry the rooms damaged due to water. We are available 24 hours for any emergency needs. If you are facing flood or water leakage due to any other problems, we can fix it.

We have basement specialists in our water destruction restoration team. The basement is the part of a home or a building that suffers the most damage. Also, extracting water from the basement is the most difficult task. Our emergency team responds almost immediately. That way, we control secondary loss. We recommend that all of the homeowners and building owners contact a water removing service instantly. The sooner the restoration and removal work will start, the lesser the damage will be.

If there are a water leakage and flooding due to a broken pipeline ignoring it a bad idea. With the passage of time, it keeps on becoming even more destructive and irritating. This situation can be a reason for mold infestation.

Nonetheless, 24-7 Restoration & Remodeling can save you from loss with our professional and excellent services. We know that restoring property damages is very costly. Therefore, we assure you to minimize your losses by providing efficient, timely, and the best restoration services. Our drying technology and extraction methods dry the place fast.

Other Services 24-7 Restoration & Remodeling

24-7 Restoration & Remodeling is not limited to mold removal and water extraction. We offer the following services also:

  • Central air conditioning leaks
  • Dishwasher failure
  • Emergency sewage repair
  • Exterior drainage
  • Hot water tank failure
  • Residential sewage removal
  • Septic failure
  • Septic overflows
  • Sewage backflow failures
  • Sewage backup
  • Sewage backup,
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Sewage ejector failure
  • Sewage removal
  • Sump pump failure
  • Toilet backup
  • Toilet overflow
  • Washing machine overflow
  • Water tank burst

Why Choose Us?

We are affordable despite using the latest technology. We offer emergency service for flood damage restoration and water removal. We have latest thermal imaging devices, infra-red cameras, and moisture detecting meters for mold and dampness detection. Our excellent and professional services and knowledgeable experts are always at your service.

Whenever you face a situation like a flood or water leakage from broken pipes, call 24-7 Restoration & Remodeling immediately. We provide you with professional mold removal & water extraction facilities on affordable charges.

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