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Charm City Home Inspection Services, has been in the property inspection business in Fulton MD for many years. We inspect your property intensely and note down the changes required to make it safe for living. Our home inspection services isolate the problems with mold inspection service, radon testing, roof inspection, deck inspection, and more.

I, the owner, have a Maryland license ((#32615) to practice as a skilled and expert property inspector, with more than 10 years of experience. Although I have the latest tools and a highly experienced team, I continue to learn to make our work more efficient and foolproof. Experience our services today and make the air in your building healthy and safe for everyone.

Choosing Our Home Inspection Service

Choosing the right person for the job can save you many dollars. I have the best inspection service in Fulton MD. I make you sure, that no one can beat my services. For many reasons, I can be your first choice. One of them is I am Certified Inspection Experts.

Moreover, I am a highly skilled professional who can inspect your property thoroughly and guide you in a better way. Whether you are buying a new house, renting or selling the old one, I can help you increase your property value. Many happy and satisfied customers are enjoying in their germ-free homes.

With InterNACHI Certified radon and mold inspectors involved, there is no room for doubt about the quality of services. I have matchless services and nothing can hide from my meticulous eyes. Moreover, I only tell you the truth about your home and nothing but the truth. Different home inspectors apply different methods to make it look difficult. However, what I know is that it requires a lot of attention and I promise to provide your home the best service. This is why my services stand out as the best in town.

How are We Different

I am not like the typical inspector who enters in your house once and wastes your whole day. For customer care, I make sure to visit your place before the booking day.

Home inspection consists of thorough observation of every corner of the property. It may take 2-3 hours for inspection depending on the size of the property. During the inspection, I walk around your property and make notes regarding the unhealthy things growing in your house. I will point out the defects in the pictures along with the computer-generated report.

With every inspection, there is 5 years of leak proof warranty, 90 days mechanical and structural warranty. You get a Recall Check on all appliances. I can come back whenever you call me to re-examine your property. Moreover, you will get discounts on alarm systems through us. We have a partnership with several nations most trusted security experts.

Above all, Charm City Home Inspection Services offers a guaranteed buyback program. No worries if you found something odd like mold, any leakage, or any issue with the construction in your new house. We can buy your house at full price without any second thought.

Our Home Inspection Service Includes

Our detailed inspection includes:

  • Foundation and roof inspection
  • Interior and exterior
  • Attics
  • Basements & crawlspace
  • Plumbing & fixtures
  • Heating & cooling systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Porches, Balconies and Deck Inspection
  • Fireplaces

Mold Testing in Fulton MD

Mold inspection is necessary because this microorganism is injurious to health. The microscopic organism reproduces and floats in the air and finds a suitable place to grow. It can cause the following health problems:

  • Asthma and allergic reaction
  • Burning eyes
  • Respiratory problems
  • Sinus congestion
  • Skin irritation
  • A sore throat and dry cough
  • Nervous system problems

A professional home inspector can detect the mold growth easily. The inspection includes checking leaking pipes, which is the main source of mold growth. Any wet area supports the growth of mold in your home and pollutes the air inside. Moreover, it can damage the structure of your building.

Do not risk the health of your building and people inside it. Call today for a mold inspection. I will be there in no time. We provide satisfying results and save you from many diseases.

Radon Testing – Save your Life

You may wonder why you should call for a radon test. Radon testing is crucial because the accumulation of this chemical can be lethal. It can cause severe health problems like lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.  

Radon is an odorless gas, which can cause you lung cancer along with breathing problems. It is found almost in every house and only professional like me can guide you better on how to prevent it. Take our help and save your family’s lives.

Why Ask for Pre-Listing Inspection?

Pre-listing benefits both the seller and the buyer. With a little spending on your property, you can earn a lot more.

A pre-listing inspection highlights the area where you need to improve before selling your house. To keep up the market price of your property, choose our pre-listing inspection. We provide a detailed report on your house, which you can show to the buyer to avoid any negotiation.

Moreover, it gives the seller enough time to maintain the house, buy the products, and make appointments with different contractors or services. At the same time, buyers can have a proper functioning home, in its best condition.

Adding On

Along with the radon and mold inspection, we can also do chimney inspection, rental inspection, and drywall inspection. Hire me and you can relax. We take no more than the required time for inspection. Moreover, I make sure you save as much as you can while you receive the best services in town.

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  • Drywall Inspection
  • Pre Sale Inspection
  • Rental Inspection
  • Pre listing Inspection

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