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Floor & Tile Cleaning and Marble Polishing Services

Are you unhappy for your old and worn looking bathroom and kitchen? Are you facing flooring problems in home kitchen or bathroom? Cheer up! Your problems are going to resolve right away. This is Affordable Floors & Restorations. We are floor and tile restoration Company. We serve in Bloomfield Hills and in the nearby cities of MI for floor restoration services and marble polishing in Bloomfield Hills MI.

Our facilities include refinishing, resurfacing, cleaning, honing, and sealing. You do not need to worry about your flooring requirements when Affordable Floors & Restorations is there. Our licensed and insured service is going to give you a new look of the floor. We understand the need to beautify the bathroom and kitchen and can fulfill this need professionally.

Reconstructing the new floor will surely cost you a lot. Moreover, it will engage your place for two or three days. Therefore, we advise you to leave that time taking and expensive work to us. Just choose a refinishing or resurfacing option that you prefer or want. You can choose to have a stone surface, concrete, ceramic, and other types of flooring.

First, we clean up the floor thoroughly to get rid of the dust, dirt, residue, grime, oil, and grease. Then we apply refinishing solution. We fill the cracks and chips and recoat the grout. This refinish service can restore the previous look. When we clear up or wash the floor, it gives a fresh look. Moreover, the newly applied solution give it a more refined appearance.

Resurfacing is much more cost-effective. It restores the old look of your kitchen or bathroom floor. Most of the time, you get bored of the old rusty look of the bathroom and kitchen. You want to change it but the replacement cost is very high. Do not worry, it is not a  problem! We are here to give you a resurface.

If your kitchen or bathroom also has the same problem, we can resurface it at a reasonable pricing. Hiring us for a kitchen and bathroom tile resurfacing and re-glazing gives you the opportunity to save 50% of the actual cost. If you go for a replacement, you may not find the exact matching color so let us offer the required colors.

We also offer these floor-cleaning facilities:

  • Bathroom floor cleaning
  • Bathroom shower cleaning
  • Ceramic tile cleaning
  • Kitchen floor cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning

Floor cleaning is not a very tough task. You can do it at home but if you feel the need of a professional cleaner, Affordable Floors & Restorations is there for you. We use eco-friendly products for kitchen and bathroom floor cleaning.

Marble and Granite Service

For marble and granite floors, we offer:

Deep cleaning and polishing can remove stains and restore the previous look. We use the best of the products, brushes, and pads for polishing marble floor. We have polishing powders, paste, and liquids for marble and granite. The latest abrasive discs and gloss meters have made our job easy and more result-oriented. For granite, we use floor polisher and buffing products.

Granite gives a brilliant look in corporate buildings, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. It gives a shiny and reflective look if polished. Polished granite is one of the most popular choices for the kitchen. Its glossy and mirror-like finish adds an elegant and brilliant look to the surface. The polished countertop of kitchen functions as a workspace. Whether you want to use it for cooking help, placing things, cutting vegetables or fruits or as a dining table, it works very well. Therefore, if you have a center granite top, you do not need a table. It gives a new level of richness to the décor of your dining area with its attractive appearance.

However, honed granite does not have a reflection on the surface. It has a buffed or matte look. Honed granite is preferable for stairs, floor, and high traffic areas. We offer granite honing for bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, backsplash, and tables. You can use a color enhancer for these floors if you do not like the dull and dry looking surface.

Our flooring contractors are here to guide you on what and what not to choose. If you like to build a contemporary kitchen, we suggest you have a honed granite finish. If you want to purchase honed finish granite, the simple indication of it is that it has no reflections.

If you want to polish the granite or marble floor yourself, you can use baking soda, vinegar, dishwashing detergent, etc. Mix these things into a bucket of tap water and use it for the marble and granite flooring. It will largely restore the previous look and shine. Thus, you can maintain it by yourself.

However, if you need professional work, we are at your service. We also offer tile replacement solutions. If you feel that replacement is the only solution, we are available to give you a new floor installation. Our workers and installers have the required skills and proficiency for installing a new floor. Additionally, they can give you beautiful color suggestions and patterns. Whatever size and shape you like in tile flooring, we are there make your dream kitchen a reality.

The 2017 year is witnessing the mixture of traditional and modern looking kitchen and bathrooms. Affordable Floors & Restorations gives you with the best and most suitable advice for flooring. We offer restoration, rebuilding, remodeling, and other maintenance services.

Other Services

Caulking lasts for many years but it needs repair after a certain time. We offer caulking services for bathtubs and kitchen sinks. We can change the color of grout using color sealing if you would like that.

Why Choose Affordable Floors & Restorations?

Affordable Floors & Restorations is a reputed and famous name in flooring installation, refinishing, and restoration. We install new floors for kitchen and bathroom as well as maintain the present ones.

We have been in the business since 2010 as a concrete polishing service. Then we switched to home flooring maintenance. Customer satisfaction and affordability are the most prominent qualities of our service. We guarantee quality work for home restoration, flooring service, and marble polishing in Bloomfield Hills MI.

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