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Residential & Commercial Moving Service in Your Area

Are you planning to move from your current place? Do you need an office or residential moving service? Look no further because Movable is at your service. We take both home and commercial projects so you can hire our services, whenever you need it. We are operating in Washington including Bellevue WA. Movable offers you the most convenient and budget-friendly residential & commercial moving service.

Have you ever tried self-moving? If yes, you must know it is very exhausting. From packing to loading, moving, unloading, and re-setting the whole place once again, all of it is a wearing and troublesome task. Many of the people do it due to lack of financial resources. However, Movable offers something different at a reasonable price.

Inexpensive but Professional Residential & Commercial Moving Service

All moving customers want an inexpensive but professional relocation service. We feel proud to declare ourselves a service that meets these requirements. Our pricing is upfront and all-inclusive with no hidden charges. However, that is not all from us. We know that our customers want and deserve peace of mind. Our service gives you the guarantee of having a relaxed and satisfactory moving experience.

Let us have a detailed look at our services:

  • Local residential moving (apartments and houses)
  • Local business moving (offices and warehouses)
  • Packing service
  • POD loading
  • POD unloading 
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly
  • Appliance disconnection/connection

We are available for any of these facilities.

Movable Work According to Your Needs

We have customized moving packages for various needs. You can select from any of the following packages:

Full-service Package: It includes all tasks from start to finish with the facility of a moving truck and 2-3 moving helpers. This is both for home and commercial projects. If the moving requirements are general with normal timings, we recommend two movers. If the moving need and time are more than the normal requirements, we recommend three movers to complete the move smoothly. This package includes all supplies e.g. dollies, hand trucks, professional moving blankets, straps, shrink-wrap, packing tape, and more. Our movers will also disconnect and reconnect electrical appliances.

Labor Only: This is for customers who need help unloading the truck and unpacking the items. We recommend two or three movers according to the truck size. It also includes appliance reconnection and furniture assembly. 

Delivery Service for Furniture or Appliances: This is also for commercial as well as home projects. Sometimes, you need new furniture for the home or office. Besides, you may need new appliances like a refrigerator or an AC. We transport these items to your home or office from the shop or any outlet. With us around, moving furniture must not be a hassle for you.

Storage Services: Movable helps create more space in the office or home by providing storage space. Our storage facility is up-to-date and secured with controlled temperature and environment. Our wide-ranging solutions can fit any need and budget.

Office Relocation Made Easy

Many of the business and office owners feel upset while relocating. Their concern is right. Surely, it is upsetting. Office and business enterprises have several important things including records and documents and furniture. However, there is no need to get upset when Movable is there for your service. We will handle all of it for you.

We are Responsible

Our sense of responsibility has made us popular among customers. We take care of your belongings just like our own things. We fix all the details regarding service and charges before finalizing the deal. We perform our duties according to the agreed upon details. It saves both you and us from hassle or any unexpected situation or demand. However, our trained staff will not hesitate to go beyond their duties to satisfy the clients.

Our moving staff is capable of providing help with packing the items and setting them up at the new destination. We take great care for timeliness and speediness. We know the importance of time. We work in a way that you feel more and more flexible and convenient. Our staff is efficient and smart. They know how to complete the task in a given time.

When you select us as your service provider, you choose the best and most professional moving company. Our fully trained and professional movers have full knowledge of what they need to do and how. Whether you need an interstate or long distance moving, our company gives you the services in the best possible way.

Interstate Moving

Most of the moving families find it hard to go to another state. Interstate relocation is troublesome and tiring. However, the Movable staff is so cooperative and friendly enough to make your long distance moving enjoyable. We consider all the necessary details before planning things for long distance relocation. We keep all essential traveling documents with us while setting out for a long distance project.

Moving Recommendations

We recommend you to choose mid-week days for moving. During these days, the number of clients is less than it is on a weekend and off days. If you choose to move on a weekend, you may have to face a crowd of clients and traffic also. Moreover, you have to face the same situation in mid-summer. Therefore, select a time and date while keeping all the important factors in mind.

What Makes Us the Best Choice?

Movable is one of the best relocation companies in Washington. Our competitiveness has earned us this status. We are competitive in all manners - prices, facilities, packages, customer service, and promptness. We use the newest techniques in moving, packing, and loading. We make all-out efforts to provide you with a suitable and smooth residential & commercial moving service.

We also offer dump service to help customers who want to declutter. Moreover, you can avail our donation service if you want to give away any extra items and belongings as charity.

Get an estimate quote from our website and give us the details of your moving needs. 

Contact us on 206-466-7710 for details or an appointment.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 206-466-7710

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