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Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care is a professional service provider in home care industry. Do you need a professional carpet cleaner in Smyrna GA? We are offering our service throughout the Georgia State including Smyrna and other cities. Peachtree is the best place for your home and office needs. Our specialties are:

Let us have a detailed idea of what we do:

Carpet Cleaner Service for Home and Office

Carpets and rugs are an essential part of homes and offices. You have wall-to-wall carpet as well as in stairs. Additionally, if no carpet then we do have area rugs. Our home or office floor is mostly covered. We need this cover to avoid dust in the air. Carpet and rug absorb dust and dirt. That is why; their cleaning or washing becomes necessary on regular basis. If we neglect it, we can have germs and allergens in our living and working atmosphere.

Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care gives the same service for keeping you away from these health issues. Whether you need commercial or residential carpet cleaning, we are available for both the services. Additionally, we also offer stairs carpet cleaning.

Whenever you need a carpet or rug cleaner, you can hire our facility. Our upholstery cleaning service is the best in the city. We use the latest extraction machines and equipment as well as newest approaches for carpet cleaning.

We have bonnet carpet cleaning machines. If you want to have only face fiber cleaning, the bonnet cleaning is the best option. As compared to deep shampooing or washing, it gives only surface cleaning. We have loopy bonnet and pad driver types in this cleaning. If you want to have bonnet cleaner for your home or office carpet, we are there. It is the best option for cleaning of wall-to-wall carpet. Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning is difficult; however, we can do it for you with bonnet cleaning system. For old and strict stains, we use deep cleaning approach.

Pet Problems in Carpet Cleaning

If you have pet animals like cat and dog or birds like a parrot, pigeon, or any other, you need to be very careful. Pet odor and hair are a great problem regarding carpeting. Our upholstery and rug cleaning service gives you back stainless and odorless carpets. We have many of regular clients who always hire our service for having a clean and safe indoor environment.

Green Solutions for Carpet Washing

We have carpets somewhere or the other in home or office. Carpets increase home beauty and décor. Nonetheless, these are also responsible for some health issues. Carpet can accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, and any other unsafe particles in or under it. Therefore, cleaning or washing on regular intervals is necessary.

Carpet cleaning has some hazards for human or pet health. Like the use of chemicals and toxins in shampooing or washing is extremely dangerous for health. You should avoid it as much as possible. Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care is very caring in this regard.

Earlier, cleaners have been using harmful chemicals in the carpet cleaning industry. However, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning and washing are now getting popular with awareness and knowledge. Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care is providing you with safe washing and cleaning. Our non-toxic carpet cleaner is available for safe and secure cleaning facility.

We have always been quick in adopting new technology. Therefore, we have started green cleaning methods. This method is the purest one. We use green-certified and products of the highest quality for carpet washing like detergents, shampoos, and stain removers. These environment-friendly products are also available for steam cleaning.

When you hire rug, upholstery, or carpet cleaners, make sure that they use non-toxic materials. If you want to wash or clean your rugs and carpets at home, you can use these things:

  • Baking soda
  • Degreaser concentrate
  • Household stain removing oil
  • Natural carpet freshener
  • Spot treatment

Why Choose Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care?

Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care is one of the best home and office care provider. We claim so because we use non-toxic and eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods. We care for your health the most. This is our first priority.

Established in 1992, we have now 25 long years of experience. During this period, we have been serving hundreds of home and commercial clients. That stretched market presence has made us a leading company in our field. Our previous and present customers always prefer to hire us when they need carpet servicing and maintenance. We have been servicing for schools, hospitals, large buildings, as well as household clients.

Eco-friendly and safe for human health solutions is the biggest feature of our services. Due to these two qualities, we are the number one choice of home and commercial customers. Even after serving in the field for 25 years almost, we still feel serving the customers as an enjoyable work.

After service, we will dry up or clean up the space that we have used for cleaning or washing. Additionally, we give carpet-drying service also after washing or shampooing.

We are sincere with clients and our own self. We arrive and leave the space on given time. We charge only for what we have serviced. You will pay no hidden or extra charges. Our staff is friendly and polite. From booking the order to finishing the cleaning or washing job, they will cooperate with you. Their training and field experience have taught them many things.

They will not hesitate to go beyond the limits for fulfilling your needs. Fully satisfying the customer is our goal for which we work. Clients have now become our family and we feel proud to serve the family. Some of the carpet service-seeking clients are 10 years old or so. This is the trustworthiness of Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care. We have won the hearts and confidence of our customers with the same honesty and integrity.

Sincerity with work and clients are the distinguishing qualities of Peachtree Absolute Carpet Care. We feel pleased to declare us as the best professional carpet cleaner in Smyrna GA.

Contact us today to have our budget-friendly and eco-friendly carpet washing and cleaning solutions.


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