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A Certified Green Inspector for Home Property Inspection

A Reality Check Home Inspection, LLC is a high quality, reputable and practiced property inspection service. Serving widely in Gahanna OH and surrounding areas, our company has over 35 years of experience. Do you want to hire a local home inspector? If yes, we have a certified green inspector for you.

A Reality Check Home Inspection, LLC is a licensed service. We offer you total home assessment including:

What is a Certified Green Inspector?

Nowadays the green property inspection concept is getting immense popularity. This type of inspection means that your property is eco-friendly. Some people may have a solar system on their property for a greener energy source. Some people use sustainable materials that have positive qualities for human and environmental well-being.

Sustainable materials include wood and clay as well as water conserving devices in home construction. Contribution to human and environmental well-being means that the property must not have carpets that collect dust and allergens. Additionally, it should encourage the use of soil and clay that has absorbing qualities. These absorbing qualities are helpful for keeping the environment clean.

certified green inspector has obtained certification in checking the property regarding the above-mentioned qualities. This needs specific training. Nowadays, home inspectors have a great interest in this. Although it is new, people are adopting this trend quickly. They like to know how green, eco-friendly, or energy efficient their building and property are.

Importance of Property Assessment

You understand the importance of real estate inspection. You know that home inspection includes many sub-inspections like the above-mentioned ones. Additionally, pre-listing inspection and pre-market inspection are very necessary for home or property sellers.

When a seller wants to sell out the property, he hires an inspector for pre-listing home assessment. It provides a report that tells us about any possible flaws and damages in the building. Sellers conduct this assessment before closing the property sale. If the building has safety issues and other problems, the seller must compensate them in the form of a decrease in price.

Likewise, pre-market assessment gives a seller an edge and advantage. When the seller has an inspection report in hands, negotiations will be easy. The seller will be on the safe side with no fear of flaws coming out unexpectedly. If there is any flaw, the seller will be able to mend it before advertising for the property sale.

Home Pest Inspection

Pest assessment is also an important feature of the home and building examination. Its purpose is to check out whether there is any damage or risk of damage due to pests. These pests include bugs, ants, termites, and other harmful insects like cockroaches. These pests are harmful, to not only our health but also to plants, furniture, food, and other home objects.

Once they start breeding, controlling them becomes difficult. Therefore, pest assessment is also necessary. A Reality Check Home Inspection, LLC offers you the best services for pest judgment and suggests ways of their removal. Our pest inspector is experienced and skilled. He knows the possible places where pests hide and how to control and stop their breeding. While conducting a pest examination, we take all precautionary measures to keep your family safe from harms.

Radon and Mold Testing


Radon is a harmful radioactive gas. It is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. The natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water is the major cause of its production. It emits from the ground and can seep underground and get into good water or enter a building through cracks. If your building has cracks or holes in walls, foundation, or ceiling, it can become a great risk.

A building built on soil with natural uranium deposits can be a major cause of radon production. Cracks in construction joints and gaps in foundation around pumps, pipes, and wires become a cause of radon entering. Radon levels are usually higher in basement areas.

Exposure to and inhaling air polluted with radon is a major reason for lung cancer. Living in a radon-contaminated place increases the risk of this cancer. In addition, if anyone also smokes a cigarette, the cancer risk doubles.

You cannot see or smell radon. The only way to detect it is to conduct a radon test. A Reality Check Home Inspection, LLC provides you with professional and latest radon testing tools. We use the latest detection tools for checking its presence in air and water. We can also help you with radon mitigation and remediation.


Mold is a type of fungus. It grows in the shape of multi-cellular filaments. You have also seen it spoiling vegetables, fruits, or other food in the form of green substance. It also comes in black color, which is more dangerous to health. Normally in buildings, it grows in grey or black. If you have asthma or allergy, it is more dangerous for you. Otherwise, it causes nose, ear, and throat problems as well as skin allergies.

We have latest mold detection meters and thermal imaging devices to check its presence. We take the services of a professional environmental lab for mold and radon testing reports. You can fully rely on and trust A Realty Check Home Inspections, LLC for mold tests and remediation.

Why Choose Us?

A Reality Check Home Inspection, LLC has the expertise and knowledge of entire home examination. We inspect for all the above-described examination features. You can fully trust our certified green inspector for eco-friendly home examination. Our services are the latest in technology and method. However, our prices are competitive and budget-friendly.

We charge only for what we do with no hidden or extra pricing. Our pricing method is per square foot. We are a speedy and timely service provider. We are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and honest in performing our responsibilities.

Do not delay a home and property assessment. It may be dangerous for your and family’s health. Contact us today. 

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