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Renovation NYC provides you one-stop solutions for improving your house interior. Since 2000 our experienced construction workers, designers, and consultants are working to give you the best designs ever. We are known as the best bathroom and kitchen remodelers in Upper West Side for our unique and stylish designs.

From generating an idea to implementing it on your house, to taking permits and cleaning the mess, we stand with you. Our experts work with dedication to give you a wonderful experience. We have highly qualified designers, engineers, and technicians who can handle your remodeling work effortlessly.

Whether you want a whole house interior remodeling or want to modify a specific area, we can manage it well. We work in an organized and systematic way. Our professionals provide you quality work that stays for a longer period.

Renovation NYC is a complete package for you. Our services range from remodeling to floor installation, driveway installation, room addition or curtain installation. Get it all done with just one call.

Residential Remodeling in Upper West Side

Are you worried about your house interior? Is your house style outdated? Are you thinking about moving to a new house just because you are bored with old regular interior designs?

Wait! Why are you making an expensive choice when you can have new, updated, and stylish interior in a cost-effective way? Do not worry! Call Renovation NYC and see how they do magic in your house, keeping your budget low.

Our Remodeling Process

We work for you, providing the best service in an easy way. From the very beginning to the end, we take your entire burden on us. Our easy remodeling process includes:

  1. 1.       Consultation

Our remodeling consultant will reach your place when you call and we will observe your needs and requirements. We take our observation seriously and provide better ideas depending on your living style.

  1. 2.       Design approval and discussion

We sit together to share our ideas to get the desired result. We make you comfortable with us so that you can talk freely about your expectations. We have a variety of ideas that fit within your budget. No worries if your budget is low. We can accommodate our designs accordingly while maintaining quality high. We work to make your dream remodeling a reality.

  1. 3.       Meeting with concerned persons

After finalizing the design, we will send our agent to take measurements and manage other things. We care for your time and money. We are flexible enough to mold our designs according to your ideas. It is better to talk openly with our representative before time to avoid any misunderstanding that can cause trouble later.

  1. 4.       Selecting products and materials

It is time to shop your products. We can assist you with selecting quality material for your tiles, marbles, paints, sinks, and so many other things that match your interior.

  1. 5.       Transformation

With your approval, we begin our work. From getting renovation approval to organizing your material and fixing it rightly in place, our team can manage it all. Sit back and enjoy our mesmerizing work in your house. We go beyond our limits to meet your expectations.

  1. 6.       Final touches

After fixing your materials, are we done? NO! We never leave our customers in the middle of anything. We clean up all the mess created during your residential remodeling and interior trim work.

Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

No matter what area in your house needs remodeling, our professionals would be a great help. Our service remains the same whether you want a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Our remodeling contractors are experts in making the best use of your place. You can trust our expert artisan with the latest designs and quality work.

We understand your concerns about your kitchen design, space, cabinets, and countertops, as it is the heart of your house. We offer custom cabinet designs to make them more spacious with an elegant look. Each of our design is graceful, fascinating, and appealing. Our designs range from very simple to detailed work, modern to antique. Choose according to your living style, and taste.

Moreover, people who love cooking need an inviting place and pleasant environment to cook. Stay calm while working in your luxurious and comfortable kitchen. Our renovation work can make your kitchen big and airy. You will love what we do in your kitchen.

For your peace of mind, we are here. Have a look at our catalog and choose your own countertops, porcelain/ceramic tiles, and marbles for your kitchen and bathroom.

Along with the kitchen remodeling, we are experts in making your bathrooms beautiful and lavish. From bathtub installation to lightning and floor installation, we know it all. Call us and we will be at your service. Our bathroom contractor is experienced, reliable, and responsible. We provide designs to make your bathroom high standard that matches with your kitchen and another living area.

We also offer custom bathrooms for special persons who need physical assistance. We care for you and understand your difficulties in handling such person. We can help you make a special bathroom for their ease. We take personal care of every material we use in a handicap bathroom. We make sure they are durable, comfortable, and safe. We install a non-skid surface for them. We take every measure to make it safe, comfortable, and stylish, not less than any other bathroom of your house.

We Offer More than Just Remodeling

Renovation NYC helps you make your house like new. We take the pains to provide you a high standard work. You will defiantly admire our work. With the renovation services, we also offer you woodwork for your rooms. With our variety of wood cabinets designs, you can make your room appealing and increase the storage space.

No room is big or small for us. We are perfect in making your room look expensive. We can cover it all. We help you decorate your personal room according to your taste, age, and mood.

Our painting contractor can paint your room with perfection. Whether you want a theme or personalized design on your walls, just explain your idea and you will see the perfect picture on your wall. We excel in our exterior and interior painting skills.

Adding to your room décor, our curtain installation service is simply wow. We take it all on us. With your approval, we help you select designs and color that match the color theme in the room. We also have embroidered curtains, Austrian curtains, Gold Fringe Curtains and more. We can make custom curtains for your windows.

Choosing Renovation NYC is Worth It

Giving your house a new experience through remodeling or renovation is a big risk. Choosing the right person for the right job can save you many dollars.

Renovation NYC is simply the best remodeling company in Upper West Side NY because of its matchless service quality and affordable rates. We have licensed worker in our team. They have complete knowledge of their work. Our team members understand your needs and listen to your preferences before making any move. We are reliable, honest, and trustworthy. We care for you, your family, and your house.

It is our goal to provide a complete finish to your kitchen and bathroom renovation. We work with a perfect installation that will be long-lasting. Every professional on our team assists the customer like a family and to make you satisfied is our top priority. Whenever you think about upgrading your living style, call Renovation NYC.

Working Hours

We are available from Monday to Sunday 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

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