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Buying a home is one of the most critical phases in everyone’s life. It is true that people manage to save enough money for buying a house after years of struggle and hard work. In addition, if one spends his or her hard-earned money on a property that is not worth it, then it would become a big disappointment and hassle for the buyer. To secure your investment, you need the assistance of a reliable and licensed home inspector in Scottsboro AL. Xpert Home Inspections is one of the best places for you when you are looking for the most experienced, knowledgeable, and specialized home inspectors to get the best assistance in the city.

You Need a Single Call to Hire the Best, Licensed Home Inspector in Scottsboro, AL

So, are you planning to buy a new home? You can call me to hire the most credible and licensed home inspector with a belief that you are going to get a comprehensive inspection report. I am doing the house inspections for a long time and aware of each single aspect of quality inspections for the most accurate findings.

I assure you to pay attention to every single aspect of the property. After the thorough inspection, I will compile all the results in a single report with detailed graphic information. This will help you recognize the actual condition of the home that you are planning to purchase.

View the Sample Reports Online

If you want to look at what the final home inspection report will look like, you can visit my website. On my website, I have put the most recent sample reports of the latest inspections to help the potential clients know how the inspection process looks like. By reading the sample reports, you would be able to know that I always pay close attention to even the smallest components of a house. I believe that I am here to offer a complete, true picture of the property to help people invest in the right properties. The sample report is a PDF document that is free to download. On the other hand, you can simply view it on our web page.

Services and Fees

If you need the inspection services for a small home (less than 1300 sq. ft.), then I will charge you $300. For the little larger homes of 1301 - 1800 sq. ft. area, I charge $325. We charge $350 to inspect a medium size home that is 1801 - 2800 sq. ft. in the area. For the larger homes of 2801 - 4000 sq. ft., I will charge you $400. Moreover, if you need a pre-listing home inspection for an executive home with 4000 - 6000 sq. ft., then I charge $450.

You can also hire me for radon gas testing if you do not want to get the entire home inspected. It depends on you what service you need from me. For additional services or service rates, you can visit the website, anytime, where you can find the updated information. Now, I can also invoice you via PayPal. Other modes of payment are also available that you can find on the website.

Get Discounts

For the convenience of the clients, and to let them know that they are important to us, we also offer special discounts on regular intervals. You can ask our home inspector for a discount offer or you can keep visiting the website to beware of such offers. We also claim that we have the most competitive rates in the industry. It is our promise that our service rates will beat or meet any inspection fee in the industry. In addition, getting discounts mean that you are going to get the double advantage with our services.

Schedule an Inspection as Per Your Availability

We are flexible when it comes to schedule a home or radon inspection services in the city. We are available almost every day, Monday through Sunday. If you want to hire my services on Sundays, then I will be available after 2 PM. You just need to give us a single call to set the appointment as per your availability. If you get the voice mail, then we will quickly call you back to schedule the services.

After setting up the inspection schedule, we will make an agreement with you. It will be an industry-standard inspection contract that is difficult to find on the website. On the day of the appointment, I will be right at your provided address in a timely manner, and finish the inspection within the decided period mentioned in the contract. I believe that time is a critical factor in setting up the reputation of every business, so we pay special attention to it.

Why Choose Us?

There are many companies and inspectors around, offering pre-purchase home inspection services in Scottsboro, AL. Therefore; you might ask me why you need to hire our services?

We assure you that we have the most affordable rates, yet you will find our service standards to be very high in the industry. With an extensive portfolio of the satisfied clients, we are in a role to help people invest in the properties that worth it. We are licensed, registered, experienced, and committed to excellence in all departments of our services. If you need to see a complete picture of a specific home or property, then you can count on our services.

An experienced, skilled, knowledgeable, and licensed home inspector in Scottsboro, AL (I the owner) operates Xpert Home Inspections. We know that we can only excel in the industry if we succeed to offer top-of-the-line services in the long term. Therefore, you can trust our service standards, whenever you are going to buy a new home or a property.

To schedule an inspection or for more information on our services, you can call us right now by dialing 256-750-0877. Alternatively, we are also accessible via email messages that you can send at You can also visit our website where you can go through the company information or the services that we offer.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 256-750-0877

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