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Are your drinking pure water?

We at Life Filtration aim to provide you a healthy and pure lifestyle. Our experts use special processes to make your water consumable for you. We treat our customers like a family and we never compromise on family’s health.

We are experts in water filtration and water softening. It is time to get rid of the chemical purification methods. We work with great care because perfection means a lot to us. We understand your requirements and work accordingly. You will be happy with our services because our technicians are reliable and honest. We provide quality work and your safety is our main concern.

Our Vision of purification begins with South Florida’s communities. We started our work with the responsibility of spreading water purification awareness. We are accomplishing our vision and mission with our loyalty and honesty in our work.

Water Filtration System

Drinking pure water is essential for your health. Not only should your drinking water be pure but also water that you use for other things must be clean. There are many ways of purifying water, among them the best in ultraviolet water filtration.

UV system is the most efficient system for purifying your water from bacteria. It usually kills 99% of harmful microorganism without any chemical addition in your water. UV rays attack the genetic core of microorganism and stop their growth.

Doctors have been advising the public at large not to drink contaminated water. It is not possible for a naked eye to check the water health. Nevertheless, we provide you free water test that can reveal everything. We highly recommend that you hire our purifying team to make your water better. Our experts are good at using UV filtration process. We can make your water pure like never before.

Here are certain benefits for using UV a filtration system:

  • It is chemical free
  • It keeps the taste and odor of your water the same
  • It is one of the harmless ways of killing harmful germs in your water.
  • It requires low maintenance and little energy.

Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is a process in which two substances of different concentration mix. The solvents have the tendency to move from low to high concentration. This makes your water pollutant and dangerous.

However, Reverse Osmosis can save you. It helps purify the water by removing unwanted molecules and larger particles. It is helpful in removing all the dissolved particles from your water and used both in an industrial area and in houses.

For your health, it is essential to use the best system for reverse osmosis. It is a chemical free and cost-effective process. We have a variety of systems that will help you make your water system better. Our team will guide so that you can make the best choice. Visit our store and see our products variety.

Our technicians are experts in installing all kinds of system in your house or your commercial unit. We provide you product guarantee.

Reasons for Choosing Reverse Osmosis

  • It makes your life easy.
  • You get rid of bottled water for cooking and drinking.
  • It eliminates fluoride, which is dangerous for your brain.
  • The process is chlorine free.

Choosing Us

Water and air purification is a sensitive work and a bit negligence can cause you any health problem. There are many reasons to make us your first choice. Some of them are:

  • We provide best quality water and air filters.
  • Our service is stress-free.
  • We eradicate all useless things from your air and water.
  • Our 24/7 service is available for your water systems
  • We are a one-stop shop, providing all the water and air filtration products.
  • We are promising and punctual.
  • At service starts at $55.00
  • We provide our service, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

Moreover, we are tested and certified. We provide 25 years of guarantee on our products.

How We Work

We work for the perfection. We are here to provide what you have been looking for to solve your purification problems. It is better to fill up our request form. For your convenience, it is better to talk to our representative personally. Our expert will reach you shortly. We are very understanding and cooperative. We will arrange your meeting with the particular expertise and start your work immediately.

We work until you are satisfied. A happy healthy customer is all we need.

Additional Services

Our experts can handle all the installation easily. We have highly qualified and trained staffs for water tank and water pump installation. We work with perfection. Either you buy our products or others; we are equally good at installing and repairing. Try us today and experience our great services.

Enjoy your stress-free healthy life. Call us today.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 786-608-9800

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