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The Property Examiners have an experience of 14 years of service in inspecting homes and commercial buildings in Lancaster County PA. The owner is a qualified master inspector. Our team has InterNACHI (The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) certified home inspectors. They examine your house in detail and provide easy solutions to make your house safe.

We understand your concern about your house. Trust us with your property because we always work with great care to make things better for you. Our work is transparent. We help you make your property more valuable. It may seem as if we are doing business but we assure you that our inspection is purely for your benefit. We have many happy and satisfied customers.

New Hollywood is in Pennsylvanian, USA. People keep changing their residence and office location. The process of buying and selling the property is continuous. However, nobody pays much attention to the property’s health. Before putting up the property for sale in the market, make sure that your property passes the fitness test. The Property Examiners have been helping to get best out of your property. We are honest in making our reports. Our team highlights the defaulted area in your house. We offer services that include mold inspectionWater testing, and radon inspection. We are just a call away. Once you call us, we will make your house safe for you and your family.

Why Our Certified Home Inspector

Our home inspectors do not leave you in the dark. They provide a complete record of their inspection work. We provide digital photos, receipts, and reports of everything they do to improve your house. We offer a re-inspection service too. It gives you peace of mind that your property is protected.

We have so many attractive and amazing reasons for our customers to choose us. Our inspecting team is responsible for your house health. They undergo rigorous training to learn how to check out the problems in your property. From your leaking pipes to electric works, from the heating system to cooling systems, your roofs, and basic structures, we ignore nothing. We are keen observes and we focus on fulfilling our duty diligently.

Our inspection reports are useful in many ways. If you are dealing with a real estate business then consult us to improve your business. Our inspection reports help you buy and sell any property at best rates. Beforehand inspection saves you from any unnecessary negotiation with your clients. It develops your trust and helps you with fair dealing.

Property Inspection Process in Lancaster County PA

We have a properly developed system for inspection. Our team is efficient and fast in finding out dangerous things in your house. These include mold growth, radon, bacteria, and other microorganisms that are invisible to human eye. However, they can cause serious health diseases.

Our certified home inspector can handle mold testing of your house effortlessly. They will guide you about how mold is injurious for your health as it can cause respiration problems. It affects people with asthma and allergies more easily. Deal with your mold growth ASAP. Get professional help from us to identify your damaged areas easily. We are compelled to reduce the risk with our mold inspecting service.

Our workers inspect both interior and exterior of your house for complete satisfaction. One of the most common things we find during inspection is radon. It is a colorless, odorless gas, which is very dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, radon has increased the chances of lung cancer up to 15%. Our experts are good at saving you from radon with the aid of a thorough radon inspection.

Water Testing- FHA and VA Regulated Testing

Our service is to give you a better healthy life. Our water testing service in New Holland is up to the mark with FHA and VA regulating testing standards. We are compelled to provide you with excellent services. Our technicians examine your house and check the water system. The water systems should be properly working before you sell or buy any house or property.

Your water can have contamination and many microorganisms in it. Our test can help you and provides you clean water that is safe for drinking. We make sure to reduce your health issues. You can rely on our testing services.

What the Property Examiners Do

We use the latest equipment and offer our qualified inspection service to ensure that your property is safe to live in. People trust us with their property inspection because each inspector we have is certified and experienced. We never compromise on the quality of our services. With so many years of experience in the bag, there is no chance of skipping any detail while inspecting. Each customer is family for us and we treat your property as if it is ours.

Moreover, we provide free schedules. We surely have matchless rates. With our countless benefits, we help you in making your house better for selling purpose. With little spending, you can sell your property at high rates. Call us to get a quote for commercial and other property units and book your appointment with the certified home inspector.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 717-371-5378

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