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Home Inspector – Make Your Property Worthy in Upper Arlington OH

National Property Inspections is a family-owned and operated business, established in 1998.

National Property Inspections has been inspecting the properties in Upper Arlington for many years. It is a city in Franklin County (Ohio), US. There are approximately 5,691 households and 3,874 families. Old and new buildings should go through property inspection often. Hiring a professional home inspector can give the best service. We are a reliable and honest solution for inspecting your property. Our workers have a keen eye that can detect every little detail to provide you a valuable report. Many people rely on our reports for selling or buying any property.

Home Inspector Checklist:

Hire a home inspector is always beneficial. It serves you in both cases either you are buying a new house or selling your old house. Our team members are experts in conducting inspections. We work with great patience and spend enough time to pick out every detail.

Our property inspection checklist includes:

  • Exterior inspection
    • Structure of house
    • Sidewalks
    • Shades
    • Paints
    • Deck
    • Windows
    • Porch
    • Garden or ramp
  • Interior inspection
    • Plumbing
    • Fire exits
    • Electrical system
    • Floor and ceiling
    • Heating and Cooling systems
    • Woodworks
    • Alarms and Security Systems
    • Build-in appliances

Benefits of Our Local Home Inspector

Apparently, it may seem that hiring an inspector is useless or a waste of money. However, we assure you that you will not regret taking our service. We have a countless advantage like:

  • We are always on time.
  • We are professional and well trained.
  • We are fully equipped.
  • We have certified home inspectors.
  • We provide you a complete detailed report of your house.
  • Our inspection can increase the market value of your house.
  • Our report can save you from unnecessary negotiation with the customer.
  • You can make your property safe for living.
  • With our useful tips, you can make more out of less.
  • We help in improving your house cost.

In addition to our specialties, we try our best to give you peace of mind. Our services are reliable and honest. We believe in making a fair deal with our customers. We present a true picture of your house. We do not work for the money. Our work is guaranteed and perfect. We give your house proper time. All above mention qualities are the reasons why you should choose only National Property Inspections.

Pre-listing Inspection

Along with our Home Inspection and Commercial Inspection service, we offer you a pre-listing inspection. It is helpful while selling a house or a property. Our inspector will suggest the right price for your house. They will highlight important details that affect the market price.

It is not necessary to have an inspection at the time of selling or buying. However, you must be concerned about your health. Our service is useful in saving you from many health diseases. There can be mold growing in any corner of your house or property that you are unaware of it.

Maybe you have a leaking pipe and you are ignoring it. This negligence can cause you your life and the lives of people inside the building. A sewer line inspection is essential for your pipes. Your property needs your attention regularly.

Pre-inspection also focuses on radon testing. Radon is dangerous as it can cause you lung cancer. If the radon level in less than four PCI/L or less, then your house is perfect for selling it. There is the need to hide this problem, as your buyer can demand or request for radon inspection. It is easy to think that by hiding it, you are saving yourself from spending or embarrassment, but taking help from an expert is better. To be on safe side call our professionals and let them do their job. 

Adding on

Our service is satisfying and clear. You will be happy with our authentic and reliable reports. We care for you and your property. Hire our home inspector and experience it yourself. We will take your property to the next level. Your safety is our priority. We love what we do to make you a happy client.

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