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Burglar Bars – Trusted Way of Securing Your Property

Samson Steele Burglar Bar is in business for a very long time. We have earned a good name in the burglar bars industry. We care about you like a family. Your property is our responsibility. We take it as our duty to secure your houses, windows, porches, fire areas and others.

You can trust us because of our years of experience in the field. Our bar experts work with diligence and focus on maintaining a quality high. You can have complete peace of mind when we are around. We maintain a highly corporate work ethic, which makes us the best option for you. For any confusion about bars, you can look at our portfolio. We have a variety of designs for you to choose.

Why Are We in Tyler County TX?

Tyler County TX is a census-designated place in Texas, USA. It has a population of 38,289. About 13.8% are female household living without husbands and 48.6% have children under the age of 18. They need to protect their property and kids. Samson Steele Burglar bar has working here and in the nearby areas since a long time. To protect you and your property, we provide a wide range of burglar bar installation services. You can have bulletproof doors or invisible bars to live safely.

Tips for Burglar Bar Installation

Burglar bars are very helpful in securing your house or other property. Here are few tips for installing bars.

  • The very basic thing about installing anything is a perfect measurement. Do not measure the size of window or door. Measure the height and width of the frame.
  • If you are not comfortable with DIY tasks, hire some professionals like us. We will provide bars that fit into your window or door perfectly.
  •  You may think that bars will spoil the beauty of your house. However, these days they are available in many designs. Choose the design that secures your house in a beautiful way.
  • For best results, we advise you to install them inside for better protection.

Variety of Burglar Bars for Your

Bars come in many designs. Here is the list to help you in choosing the best for your protection.

  • Single and Double Upright Magnagrilee Burglar Bars

These types of bars are ideal for use in places where there are high-security threats and that need extra protection. They have a four-sided frame for fitting. They offer strength and rigidity. For their attractive look, they have polyester powder coating after a chemical wash.

  • Alpha grilles

These types of grills work as retractable doors. They also have a coat of polyester powder to avoid rust and sunlight. They fit in a steel frame, which gives its support and better protection.

  • Spanish Bars- Vertical/horizontal

These are available in many colors that match with your window or interior, as their installation is inside. They require welding on the inside using foot pieces and bolts to secure them to the wall. The spacing between the bars depends on your area where you are installing them.

  • Horizontal Cottage Burglar Bars

It has a unique design with vertical and horizontal grids. It works as a security barrier for your house. Installation can be in wooden frames and plaster walls. Cottage Bars has its own advantages, as they are joint free. It is frameless and fits properly. It does not need any screws or bolts. Fits like a puzzle in your walls. This arrangement makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to jump in your property.

Why Burglar Bars

With the increasing crime rate, burglars bar have become the necessity of every house. You might be bored of regular ugly grid window guards or grid security doors. Now you can improve your protection in an attractive way. Contact us and we will guide you in better for the perfect window and door protection in Tyler County TX.

Two things are important for bar installations. First is they should be easy to clean and fulfill the security purpose. Secondly, install them in a way that they have small gaps between bars for better covering. No one can pass through them, not even a child.

We have a well-trained staff that can help in making your place secure and attractive at the same time. You can feel free to talk to us about requirements and we surely will try our best to meet them.

Moreover, if you do not like to see the distraction of grid bars, you can go for invisible burglar barsThey are helpful in the same way. In fact, they are more useful as no one can see them.It protects your children and pets from jumping out of the window. They can easily cheat the burglar.

Our Services

With the protection for your windows and doors, we provide the following services.

  • Security storm door is a protective covering for your door to save it from weather conditions. They come in three type: Full view, Ventilating, and Roll screen.
  • The keyless fire escape is the easy way out to save yourself in case of emergencies when your main entrance is blocked.
  • AC cages are ideal to avoid any mishap. The cage can protect it from stealing or any other harm.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Samson Steele Burglar Bars for your protection is the best option. We only provide and use high-quality products. We guarantee your protection with our burglar bars. Our professionals work with care. They understand your security concerns for your property.

We have the best combination of excellent service and low price. You will feel secure with us. We work to provide you complete peace of mind. Our happy customers reflect our efforts in making your home secure along with its beauty.

Send your request through our online form or call us. We will be at your service ASAP.

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