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Easy Door and Body Dent Removal with Car Dent Repair

Lonestar PDR Inc. is where you have to be if you own a car. We offer highly professional car dent repair for vehicle owners. Operating in San Marcos TX, we are available for car door and body dent service.

Let us show you what we offer:

Car Dent Repair is not a Big Deal for Professionals

Car owners must be upset when they have an accidental dent. Whether it is on the body or door of the car, dents make the car look unpleasing. Even the newest car coming from showroom or factory becomes unattractive due to dent. However, you do not need to worry at all when Lonestar PDR service is available. Our facilities are for fixed as well as mobile service seekers.

Removing dents on car door or body is a delicate, technical, and difficult task. It requires expertise and technical knowledge. At Lonestar PDR, you will have both these qualities. We also use PDR for paintless dent repair. It is easier and has good results as compared to traditional dent removal. There is no guarantee of good results in traditional dent removal. Therefore, PDR is the best solution. It does not need paint or any filler to fill the dented area. We apply this method to repair:

  • Door Dings
  • Minor dents
  • Small creases
  • Hail damage

The biggest advantage of PDR is that most of the car body shops and insurance companies consider it highly.

Our PDR repair experts are the best at what we do. We remove the car body dent as if it never existed. It is quick, reasonable in price, and environment-friendly because it is chemical free.

Hail Damage Dent Repair in San Marcos TX

Hail damage is a natural disaster. It can happen anywhere and anytime during travel or at home. We have to face it anyway if we are on road and there is no shelter around.

If you are on road and have to face the catastrophe all of a sudden, we help you. Our mobile service is available to assist you while you are on the way.

We use non-intrusive methods to bring back the previous shape and brightness of your vehicle. We will give it a look as before the hail damage. You will get amazed to see the dent entirely disappeared. This is the expertise and proficiency of our technicians. Insurance companies also cover hail damage dent renovation. Lonestar PDR helps you with insurance claims related to hail damage and car body dent repair.

We Respond Immediately in a Catastrophe

In a hail or catastrophe situation, we receive many calls from customers. We have a competent, professional, and well-trained team to handle a flood of requests. We try our best to provide you with the quickest service within the shortest turnaround time possible.

We support service companies working for car dent repair, PDR companies, and car dealers.

Discount Offers by Lonestar PDR

You can avail our 20% discount offers as:

  • Military personals
  • Life Savers like police department officials and firefighters
  • Senior citizens

However, this discount offer excludes repair service for hail damage. Additionally, you are eligible for a multi-car discount if you have two or more vehicles damaged due to hail.

Why Choose Lonestar PDR?

Lonestar PDR is a reputable name in service of car dent repair in San Marcos TX. Since 2009, we are in this business. We cover normal and routine dents on car body or doors as well as dimples due to hail damage.

We try our level best to give you the finest solution in the very first visit. Our service standard is so satisfactory that you do not need to come back. We use the latest technology to identify, lessen, and remove the dents on the door and body. Our tools are state-of-the-art like Hotbox and Florescent lighting. We have well-qualified and practiced technicians who are fully capable of returning your car to its factory finish. Whenever and wherever you need to have a car dent repair or hail damage restoration, you will find us nearby.

You can have a quick online quote for dent restoration. Just fill up the form given on our website and provide us with all necessary information. We will send you a quotation.

Contact us at any time for the latest solutions for the car body and door dent. You are always welcome during working hours.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 512-968-2318

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