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Spotless View with Residential Window Washer

Are you worried about dirt stains on your window? Put all your worries aside when I am here.

Hello, I am Joe and I have been running an owner operated a business known as J&K Spotfree Service for past 20 years. Spotfree Window Washing (prior name) has gained its great repute in residential window cleaning along with the commercial windows.I have mastered our techniques on pressure washing for the whole house considering it as exterior beautification.

My motto at Spotfree is “Improving the world you live in.” My focus is on giving you a wonderful experience that gives us positive feedback. You will love my service and always want to come back. I promise you, you will not regret your decision.

Residential Window Washer in La Jolla CA

I can totally understand your concerns about your house cleanliness. Yes! I admit that keeping your residential window clean all the time is difficult. With such busy lives, it's hard to take out enough time to clean your windows at least once a week. For your easiness, I am here to help you in maintaining your windows.

I am expert in managing my work and time. My service will definitely satisfy you. I am responsible for taking care of your health and make sure my cleaning materials are harmless. Your safety is my priority. Put your complete trust in me. I assure you the best results you have been searching for.

Along with the windows, I have the experience of cleaning your roof, deck or other such fragile things. These things might seem easy to clean but trust me they are not. You always need a professional hand for your help and that hand is mine. I can prove myself as a great aid. I can take good care of your things making them new-like ever.

Window Washer’s Business Check List

residential window washer’s duty is not over at just cleaning your windows. I try to serve you in the best possible way. Some of the services that I do for your home are:

  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Dusting areas that are hard to reach
  • Chandelier and other glass fixture cleaning
  • Big screens and windowsill
  • Skylights and wall hangings
  • Gutter cleaning

Moreover, I am readily available for emergency window cleaning, construction site window cleaning, four pane glass cleaning, and storm window cleaning. I am proficient in cleaning all kinds of a residential building at any height.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial buildings are usually of height. Due to their heights, they get stains more easily and are difficult to reach for cleaning purpose. Rainwater, storm, and other weather conditions leave some permanent marks of your windows. They need proper equipment to wash out. Keeping your windows clean, you need to wash them at least once a month. Obviously, that is not possible by a layman. For your comfort, I highly recommend you to hire a skillful commercial window washer. An efficient person like me will never disappoint you. There is not even a single chance of doubt in taking my service.

I work for you and your buildings that may include:

  • Hospital windows
  • School windows
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Office window cleaning
  • Construction and renovation window cleaning
  • Hotels and any other commercial building

Hiring J&K Spotfree Service

Appointing me as your commercial and residential window washer would be the best decision you have ever made. Put some trust on my reliable service. I have all the qualities that you might be looking for as a cleaner. I am licensed insured, experienced and reliable. My services are easily available with affordable rates. I never settle for less. Quality work is my guarantee. I use biodegradable products for your health safety.


  • I offer seasonal discount rates for your cleaning service.
  • My service is flexible enough to match your plans.
  • I work on weekends.
  • Get free estimation.
  • Easy payment method through check or cash

My service is a one-man show and I deal directly deal with the building owner for cleaning. I always make fair deals with my customers and never involve any third person. No work is difficult enough for me. I am good at operating things at height.

Avail the first-rate cleaning service at J&K Spotfree service. Call me today and do not forget to ask me about seasonal discounts.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 619-253-8150

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