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Commercial building inspections require a special set of skills, training, and experience. With over 30 years of on-site experience, our inspectors provide a detailed building analysis including color photographs. We give you complete details of the site, foundation, drainage, parking, HVAC systems, windows, doors, walls, roof, plumbing, electrical and interior components. For a complete list, see our Standards of Practice.

A+ Inspections performs commercial building inspections for a wide range of property types. Types of commercial buildings inspected include:

  • Apartment-Condominium Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Strip Malls
  • Medical-Dental
  • Historic Buildings
  • Gov't Buildings
  • Hotel-Hospitality & Resorts

A+ Inspections certified inspectors have years of hands on practical experience. Our inspectors are board certified by The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is a greater health risk than outdoor air pollution with indoor air pollution being 100 times those of the outdoors.

Chemicals from common household cleaning products can cause respiratory problems, headaches, etc. 

Office equipment such as fax machine and printers emit pollutants. Building materials such as paint, paneling, wallpaper, carpet, upholstery, and laminate flooring all off gas formaldehyde. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are commonly found indoors.

Breathing unhealthy air can cause asthma attacks and other unhealthy reactions. It can make occupants less productive, become sleepy, and experience shortness of breath, dizziness, lack of concentration, blurred vision, nausea and other negative health effects.

Pollens, mold, dust, and biological pollutants can affect the health and well-being of everyone indoors. A certified mold or indoor air quality survey can provide answers. A+ Inspections provides certified mold inspections and testing well as complete indoor air quality surveys.

A critical part in an indoor air quality evaluation is a thorough visual building inspection. We look for signs of moisture intrusion, visible mold, potential rodent intrusion, leaky windows, doors, and plumbing to a start with.

A walk thru is conducted using a particle counter which counts all particulates floating in the air and sorts them according to size. This provides an indicator of what is going on in the indoor environment and what the inspector will look for next.

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  • Certified Mold Inspector
  • Certified Mold Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality Specialists
  • Commercial Real Estate Inspector
  • Commercial Property Inspection
  • Commercial Building Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Consultants
  • Indoor Air Quality Consultant
  • Indoor Air Testing

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