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Tile & Tub Glazing – Reasonable Remodeling and Installation

At Royal Glazing, we are a glazing and tub renovating service provider. We add a new shine and brightness to your bathtubs and tiles. We have been providing glazing facilities in Toms River NJ and surrounding areas since 2004. Along with tile shining and tub glazing, we are also experts in tile and tub remodeling and installation. Our services are available for residential and commercial apartment developers. We decorate firms with high-class interior design services too.

Tile Shining and Tub Glazing of Different Makes

Is your bathtub worn out and old? Are you planning to replace or renovate it? Then you are at the very right place.

You will never have to take a bath in a discolored and grimed tub because Royal Glazing is here to serve you. We can create a royal look in the tiled areas of your home and bathtubs.

We can work for fiberglass bathtubs, porcelain, and cast-iron tubs. Our highest quality and professional bathtub services are going to renew your bathroom. You will surely be amazed to see the new look of your bathroom. Now your bathing experience will be more pleasant and enjoyable.

It is possible to coat cast-iron, steel, and fiberglass and re-glazed it to give it a totally fresh look. It is possible to conceal the faults of damaged and discolored tubs and tiles with the help of re-glazing. It is not very costly. With this technique, you can renovate while you stay within your budget. You can even do re-glazing and coating but it is better to hire a professional and trained re-glazer and refinisher.

We do coat and glaze work that matches your bathroom color and finish. Our services are not limited to the coating of tubs and tile glazing only. We also handle tile restoration and old tile replacement.

We also offer:

Our commercial bathtubs in Toms River NJ extend to beauty parlors and spas. We also do the maintenance of residential bathtubs. You can clearly see and judge the difference between the bathtubs before and after we do the glazing work. In case you may be in need of it, we also offer Bathtub Remodeling.

If you want to have a new installation or replacement of bathtub, it can be a hard work. It requires us to reinstall all bathroom fittings and other finishing works. It is not only a technical work but also requires expertise and experience. We feel proud to declare that we have a proficient and skilled team of technicians and labors. They remain a part of our team since our inception. Their skills and experience keep increasing with every of the project.

Our tile services are both for commercial tiles and residential tiles. You will find that our glazing, re-glazing, brightening, restoring, and refinishing are of premium quality.

Why Choose Royal Glazing?

Royal Glazing is one of the most professional and the excellent services in tile and bathtub glaze coating. Covering both household and business requirements, we offer an expert and experienced facility.

The biggest feature of our facility is that we are a family-owned business. Such businesses are numerous in America. They do not work to make money but to satisfy the values of their family. We are proudly serving and delivering the best to our valued customers.

Affordability is the most prominent factor of our services. For the same reason, customers hire us before they consider any other glazing company.

We will refinish and restore worn out, overused and strained bathtubs at affordable pricing. With our services, you can have a new look of your tiled areas and bathroom with a minor spending. Our staff is always ready to serve any of your household or commercial demands. You will be welcomed by our polite staff and your need will be fulfilled in the most professional manner.

Some of our prestigious clients include the big names like CPG, Browns Harris & Stevens, Toll Brothers, Trump Towers, and The Modern Hotel. However, the list does not end here. It goes on-and-on. These few names are enough to tell you the stature of our work. Our professionalism and service quality are matchless.

In our tile and tub glazing work, we use only high-quality products that are healthy for humans and environment. We provide a long lasting and durable remodeling and installation in Toms River NJ.

Contact us today to have our glazing, installation, remodeling, and refinishing facilities. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 866-607-1103

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