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Garage Door Repair & Installation in Revere MA

Liberty Overhead Door has decades of experience in garage door repair and installation in Revere. If you ever need to fix your garage door or if it needs repairing, then you can rely on only one company. We are at your service to make your doors work like new again.

We have specialized in the following services.

Garage Door Repairs in Revere

Springs are a basic part of any rolling garage door. They make it possible to roll up the doors. This technicality creates some problems most of the time. It breaks without notice and due to age use abuse or drastic weather conditions changes and often requires repairing.

We have well-trained technicians who are good at garage door repairs in Revere. Extension springs installations are with safety cables, while torsion springs installations have a tube or solid shaft. This prevents them from falling off. We are confident that your repaired door will reflect our high-quality services.

Our workers will come to your home on your call. We usually bring the required tools and equipment to provide repairs, solutions to your garage door problem and by doing this saves time and money of both, customers and company.

Residential Garage Door Repair

Residential Garage Door is the most-used for accommodating your personal vehicles. Garage doors are one of the biggest moving parts in a house. They are usually large enough to take in large vehicles.

They operate either manually or by an electric motor. Several small parts of the door can sustain damages with time. Small doors can have extension springs most of the time and have 4 panels joint together with hinges that made them move easily. Large doors and commercial overhead doors will also consist of several joined panels depending on the height of the door. The sectional panel door needs care and delicate handling because of the numerous joints. Moreover, your door can have many problems like broken spring, broken cables, etc. Our technicians can easily repair any of these problems for residential rolling garage door.

Along with all the service, we also provide the service of damaged panel’s replacement. We maintain our quality work in both while installing your door or repairing them.

What Factors Cause the Need for Door Repairing?

There are some basic reasons that can cause functional damage to your electric garage door:

  • There might be a failure of electricity
  • Battery could be dead
  • Safety photocells could be misaligned
  • The remote controls battery might be dead
  • Your garage can have a bend in it, which causes a disturbance in its moving
  • Your broken springs or broken hinges can a cause of door damage

We highly recommend that you get a garage door repair as soon as possible in order to avoid some costly repairs.

New Garage Door Installation

If you need a new garage door installation then call Liberty Overhead Door. We will provide the best quality material and variety of garage door brands and accessories. Our service will help you to choose better options for your new door or door repair.

We have the following variety of doors for you to choose:

Garage Door with Pass Door

We offer a small pass-through door option within a garage door. It is for pedestrians to come in and go out without the need to open the large garage gate every time. In addition, it is often used to pass through when your main door or front door is not used. It allows access to a home building or business so you have a separate pedestrian door or access door.

We have the expertise of installing a commercial garage sectional door. It is also possible to install a pass door within the main door and gives you pedestrian access to the garage. You can always lock it for extra security. When you have a sectional door manually used or used by an electric door opener, there is always the need to pay more attention to it while it opens or closes due to the pass door within the door that might be left unlock and then cause a major damage to the overhead door...

Why Should You Choose Liberty Overhead Door?

For a decade now, we have been working for your garage doors. We always offer options that are convenient for our customers. Our special target is to keep low price rates. We try our best to save your time and money. That is why we offer and carry a variety of garage door brands and accessories with us. This helps you to choose the right materials easily. You do not need to go to the market and compare quality and prices. This will only cause more trouble and you will end up wasting your time.

We try to facilitate you to the maximum. We provide a free estimate for your door repairing and installation. We come at your place anywhere in Revere MA and give you better ideas for your garage door with reasons. Moreover, we also bring samples with us that fit in your budget so you can easily choose the best door for your garage.

How We Facilitate to Our Customers:

Choosing us can give you all your required work with one phone call. Our team deals with:

  • Garage door spring repairs
  • Bent track repairs
  • Garage door hinges repaired
  • Garage door opener repairs
  • Broken/ Snapped cables
  • Damaged Panels replacement

Moreover, our products have a manufacturer's warranty for new rolling door installations, garage door installation, and operators. We provide labor warranty for repairing and new installations. Liberty Overhead Door is proudly working conveniently located in The City of Malden Ma, which is just 10 minutes away from downtown Revere. We also serve other neighboring cities.

Give your doors a new experience by Liberty Overhead Doors. Call us and get a free estimate for your garage door repair and installation.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 617-480-3339

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