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Liberty Overhead Door is a professional and reasonably priced commercial garage door and overhead door repairs company in town. Covering the major areas of Stoneham MA, we are near to the people of this area to give them the best and highest quality garage door solutions. We offer overhead garage door installations as well as maintenance service.

If you have a car, then a garage will also be a part of your home, office or business place. You will need to open and close the garage door many times in a day in order to get in or out. The more usage of the door, the more maintenance it will require. Overhead doors are different from a simple and normal home or office doors. They usually roll up and down starting from a vertical position to rest or stop in a horizontal position. An overhead door garage needs attention and care so that your sectional door stays in a working condition for a longer time and needs repair as less as possible.

Let us have a detailed look at our solutions:

Overhead Door Repairs are Different

Sometimes, the commercial overhead garage door is stuck due to broken roller or hinge or any other reason. We can help you open it easily with promptly repairs and services provided by our Savvy technicians with the most up to date tools. Below-mentioned problems will surely be a frustration as the garage door does not stay safe and secure due to these:

You must need timely overhead door repairs, replacement, and regular maintenance to avoid these problems. If the track is bent and the door gets stuck the door cannot stay functional anymore. You may need to replace the track if the damage is big. Sometimes also garage door cables break due to the stuck door and tangled cables are forced by electric door opener to go up or down while with spring tension. Constant spring tension can break it all together which is more problematic.

Panel damage is another issue you may have to face some time or the other in your garage door. You can also do these things at home by your own self but sometimes you need a pro. However, there is no need to worry at all. We are available to fix these difficulties for your home or commercial carport doors. We offer to install roll up doors as well as sliding ones. You can choose anything from the available choices.

Our technical staff will provide you with all types of solutions because they have A to Z knowledge of garage and overhead gates and doors.

Installation Solutions

We have various choices of the commercial garage door and overhead doors’ installations for our home and commercial clients:

  • Aluminum Overhead Doors
  • Glass Overhead Door
  • Non-Insulated Overhead Door
  • Steel Insulated Overhead Doors

What our customers want or what their need is; it always well considered and prioritized. Home garage doors are a bit different from the other door types. Home or commercial overhead gates can stop working anytime. Sometimes, people may hit or damage the door, door opener accidentally or some other internal fault can happen. Our experts can very well run the test and diagnose what the flaw is and what the solution is.

Additionally, we provide services for gate operators, remote control programming repair, and residential garage door openers. Garage door operator or motor can be chain drive, belt drive, or screw-drive opener. We can very well understand all these types and give full service regarding their installation, repair, and replacement.

Our commercial garage doors’ service and maintenance solutions include:

Why Choose Liberty Overhead Door?

We have mastered and specialized on commercial overhead doors, rolling steel gates, and roll up doors. Garage door repair, replacement, service, and maintenance, which takes lots of technical work. We have a lot of years working and knowing the door technicalities. We feel proud to declare that we have a very professional, technically expert, and experienced team of service men.

We have an entirely professional and high-quality client dealing service. Our technicians tell you the cost of work before they start any repair or replacement job. That way, you can talk to them on the spot whether you want to have the services provided or not. We always strive to offer a very reasonable fare prices for our services and sometimes there is room to negotiate with our team.

If you need a brand new overhead door or a replacement, we can provide you with an estimate quote. Liberty Overhead Door in Stoneham MA is a solution provider. Whether you have a minor or major issue, commercial, or a residential one, we are a call away to solve it.

We Are Experienced

Our team members are experienced, expert, and knowledgeable about overhead door repairs. Overhead gates and commercial carport doors are two separate domains. For this type of work, a service man must be professionally qualified, theoretically sound, and a skillful Mechanic and metal work knowledgeable. We have a fully capable team with all these qualities. Last but not the least, we are affordable, prompt and provide services within your budget.

It is not right to leave garage doors faulty and unsafe. It is the matter of the security of your vehicles and homes. If or whenever you have a problem of gate or door of the garage, you can call us to get the problem fixed.

Contact us today to hire our affordable, highly professional, and top quality services. 

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