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Welcome to Dry Sky Roofing. We offer you total roofing services in Cornelius NC. Our roof company provides you with residential and commercial roofing maintenance and solutions for relevant problems. Whether you need a rooferroofing contractor, or a roof inspector, we are here to help you out.

Dry Sky Roofing is a family-owned and operated business. It established to provide North Carolina people with excellent facilities of installation, repair, and maintenance of roof. We propose A to Z roofing solutions to homeowners and businesspersons. Let us give you an overview of our facilities and solutions:

Roof Company with Various Options for You

Would you like to have a metal roofing or shingle roofing or roofing of any other material? We have professional and skilled residential roofer who is fully capable of fulfilling all of your needs and choices. Our roofers and service men have many years of experience and proficiency. They are reliable and trustworthy who will give you excellent solutions and workmanship. We have many types and selections for you like:

  1. Shingle Roof Installation
  2. Metal roof

Get a Roof with Shingles

What type of shingle you want, we can work according to your needs and choice. We see what the best possible choice for your home or office is. Our priority is to build a safe and sturdy roof over your head to provide maximum security. Our supplies are of highest quality and are long-lasting and durable along with custom designs.

Get a Roof Replacement or New Installation

Roof replacement and installation need a long experience and proficiency. We are a proud service with these factors in plenty in our staff. If you want a replacement, our service men will give you a new one. If you want a brand new roof for a newly built home or office, we can do that too. In addition, our up-gradation and restoration solutions are no less than any other service.

You do not need to worry at all regarding quality and work finish because our service men are certified and licensed. We do not compromise on quality and competence. The same characteristic has made us the most reliable company in the market.

In addition, our roofing maintenance solutions are the most dependable for customers. Whether you need to have look after advice or a restoration, we are expert in both.

Roofing Inspection

It is essential for all homeowners to have a roof examination time to time. A professional roof examiner will indicate the flaws of your roof and tell you what type of repair it needs. Some of the roof faults cannot be visible to the naked eye. It gives you security and saves minor issues becoming major ones. We give you a free estimate of the expenses if your roof needs repair or replacement.

According to home construction and roof experts, you must get your roof checked after every seven years. This duration is quite enough to get your roof leaked or develop flaws like rain or hail damage, mold or moisture etc. If we examined your roof seven years ago, then it is the right time to get it re-examined. If you delay, things will become worse with the passage of time.

Roof Gutter Services

Roof gutters must be cleaned and cleared up from tree leafs, dust and dirt. If gone unnoticed, they can be quite a headache. Dirty gutters will not let the rainwater pass on. Clogged gutters will cause the smell, germs, moist, and other damage. So get your roof gutters checked and cleaned today. We offer:

Why Choose Us?

You live under a roof. Just imagine for a moment what will happen if the roof over your head sustains damage or had to be removed. Obviously, neither can you live and sleep, nor keep you away from weather troubles. Dry Sky Roofing was established to solve these problems. Whether you need residential roofing or a commercial one, we are here to serve you.

The sense of responsibility by our staff and masons is the most important feature of our service. The same attribute has made us a market leader and a notable rank.

The first and foremost priority for Dry Sky Roofing is our clients. We owe so much to our customers who have an equal share in making us so successful. We are so proud of our achievements that could become possible due to our customers’ faith in and loyalty to us. Our reputation is because of you people so we do not at all hesitate to go beyond our limits to fulfill your needs.

Contact us right now for an appointment or an inquiry or visit in person. You are always and anytime welcome during office hours. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 704-412-3636

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