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A home is a high-ticket item for both buyer and seller. Keeping it at its best is a must-do thing. Making your house captivating from a distance needs a lot of planning and proper maintenance. Up-close it must not have flaws that reduce its value. Although the words Real Estate Home Inspector tell you that it means just checking the house faults, an Inspector does more. He or she enlists all the minor details that will be valuable for you. At Nodak Inspections, our trained inspectors do their jobs at their best and leave you satisfied.

Home Inspector Services in Dickinson ND:

Before moving into a new house, an inspection is required to avoid any unwanted mishaps. Home Inspectors give precise notes on the conditions of the house. Basic Home Inspector Services are grouped in two:

  • Exterior Inspection
  • Interior Inspection

Exterior Inspection:

You always go for things that look classy and that catch your eye. The exterior of the house is as important as interior as exterior reflects the people inside. The features of an exterior inspection include:

  • Structure
  • Side walks
  • Garden or ramp
  • Windows
  • Shades
  • Paints
  • Porch

Keeping up-to-date with the above-mentioned things gives your house an edge and an appealing presentation. Our team will help you maintain your exterior so that at the time of selling your house you get the best out of it. An exterior inspection will highlight all faults or unnecessary things and save you from any calamity.

Interior Inspection:

Living in a pleasant environment releases your tension and stress. When you are making a house, you buy all the material yourself and inspect the process of construction. However, when you are buying a house you are not aware of what material they have used or the conditions they are leaving for you. An interior home inspector helps you invest your money in the best property. He or she checks the following things:

  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing fixation
  • Fire exists
  • Wood works
  • Floor and ceiling
  • Alarms and Security Systems
  • Built-in appliances

Inspection is usually important for older homes or buildings. Our team has one of the best Home Inspectors that will save you from struggling and will give up to mark report.

Pre- Listing Inspection in Dickinson ND:

Nodak Inspections always advises having a pre-listing inspection. Although it helps buyers more than the sellers, somehow it is beneficial for sellers as well. Getting a detailed notification of the faults in the structure is always beneficial.

Pre-Listing Inspection helps you to maintain your property and what time is best to sell it. It gives enough time to the seller for repairing the things. He can do it with proper peace of mind. However, if one does this on buyers’ demand of report then this will be trouble for the seller to finish the work in given time.

If our client chooses us for pre-listing inspection in Dickinson ND, we will defiantly provide them a complete record of damage and maintenance report.

How is it Constructive for Seller?

Pre Inspection is beneficial for the seller as he or she could demand a high price, which reflects the perfectness of the building. It not only helps to identify the issues but also increases the potential of home selling faster.

A seller may ask why he or she should make for the inspection. To that our agents have few very clear points:

  • It helps seller making the repair before listing.
  • It gives the accurate price range.
  • It makes seller trustworthy.
  • It saves you from negotiation at the 11th hour.

Taking extra care of you and your property, Nodak Inspections gives the services that take care of your health. Inspection saves you from many health diseases that you are unaware of, caused by your home.

Moisture Intrusion Inspection in Dickinson ND

Moisture Intrusion can be the cause of building damage as well as health problems for you while living in it. What inspectors usually observe in Moisture Inspection is how it has entered the building and where the problem occurs.

Some of the highlighted problems are:

  • Wood decay
  • Humidity
  • Soil
  • Metal corrosion
  • Mold grow

Mold grows is injurious for the people suffering from asthma, allergies or lung disease.

How does Mold get into the House?

We not only help you prevent moisture intrusion but we also guide you about where itcomes from. It could come through any place that is moist like through Plumb Leaking, air filtration, by diffusion through building material, leaks from the roof or human activities including bathing, cooking and washing clothes. Our team will help you prevent you such things.

Radon – A Cause of Lung Cancer:

Radon is a gas that is in any building but its inspection is very important because it could cause you lung cancer. Our inspector will check the radon concentration level in your house. Although you can do it yourself to avoid any danger, it is always wise to take the professional help. For radon inspection, our professional team is ready to help you. Just give a call and you’re in safe hands.

Septic Tank and Swimming Pool Inspection

While inspecting a house, checking a water system is important. Septic system is actually very important for a home as it deals with the water system and plumbing system. Septic tanks receive, treat, and waste the unwanted water. What our inspector would do is, keep a check on the flow of the water.

Along with that, an inspector also checks water tanks and swimming pools. In pool or tanks inspection, we usually observe the following things.

  • Overflow
  • Tank leakage
  • Thickness
  • Corrosion
  • Size and location of tank
  • Backflow
  • Roots
  • Dividing walls are secure

Note: Our team is Licensed and experienced. We do not compromise on quality work.

Our agents will take care of your house and will highlight the major and minor issues. Inspection helps at the time of selling your house because it saves you from unnecessary negotiation with the buyer. Nodak Inspections provides a complete of the report they made. Our services will please you. Make a call and we will be at your service.

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